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Geeky Brummie is Brum Radio’s regular dose of Saturday chaos. Live from 12pm every Saturday, the show covers comics, TV, films, cosplay, games and geek culture in the Midlands and beyond. 

Geeky Brummie is recorded live every week at the Brum Radio studio on Digbeth. Listen live via http://www.brumradio.com or the Tune In app. Our back catalogue can be found at www.mixcloud.com/brumradio. or on Podcasts on iTunes at http://apple.co/2k1W0RY or PodBean at http://bit.ly/2jl7tJv

Want to get in touch with us? Send us your thoughts, requests or geeky goings on to hello@geekybrummie.com. You can also tweet us @geekybrummie

The Team

Ryan Parish

Ryan, aka Geeky Brummie is a polygeek. A fan of comics, sci-fi, fantasy, anime, movies, TV, gaming and gadgetry, if it’s something geeky, Ryan’s probably had a nose around it at some point. When not geek-wrangling on Saturdays, he eats way too much food and blogs under the name of Brummie Gourmand

…Oh and he once interviewed Bill Gates.

Not Keith Bloomfield
Hardluck Hotel

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Keith is Geeky Brummie’s sidekick, all-round geek and comics expert. He loves to talk about TV, comics, movies, toys and music. Childish but in a good way, Keith dreams of being a comic book writer and artist, a film director and astronaut but perhaps not all at the same time.  Keith also has an additional cinematography credit in a film playing on Netflix.

You can find his personal website at http://hardluckhotel.tumblr.com/

Guy Halford
Guy Halford

Collector of big plastic discs; Producer and regular cast member on Geeky Brummie, and produces both The Vinyl Frontier and Theatre of the Absurd on Brum Radio

You can read about Guy’s ever expanding vinyl collection on his Twitter and Instagram

Philip Ellis
Philip Ellis

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Philip Ellis is a multitalented writer, journalist and broadcaster. He hosts and produces Tall Tales, a weekly foray into storytelling and drama, and is a regular contributor on the Geeky Brummie show, where he has an opinion on just about everything.

You han find his articles and more at www.freelancephilip.co.uk

George Elsmere
George Elsmere

George is Geeky Brummie’s cosplay correspondent. She’s a lifestyle blogger, a hoarder of shoes and a gin enthusiast. Best known as Caramel Latte Kiss, George has been cosplaying for about three years. She has featured in charity and cosplay calendars, appeared at promotional events for Game and has had her costumes shared in regional and national press. She also runs a Joss Whedon themed podcast at Mutant Frenemy.

She also appears with Geeky Brummie’s other cosplayer, David, under the name Safe Harbour Cosplay.

Kallen Daynes
Kallen Daynes

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Kallen is Geeky Brummie’s studio operator making sure that everyone sounds great. He’s a massive tech geek as well as a fan of anime, movies, TV and gaming. When not keeping everyone in check he is a radio and events degree student at Birmingham City University

You can find more about Kallen at http://dayneskallen.wixsite.com/kallendaynes

David Whitney
David Whitney

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David, or Aces N Armor Cosplay, has been cosplaying for almost two years. Partnered with Geeky Brummie’s George, Dave also cosplays under the name Safe Harbour Cosplay. Dave is a regular contributor to the Geeky Brummie show, providing expertise in comics, prop builds and table-top games. Outside of geekery, Dave is a passionate Philadelphia Eagles supporter, a basketball fan and something of a petrolhead.

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