The Geeky Brummie Pull List – What’s The Furthest Place From Here? – 16th March

This week we have four books in the Pull List including our Comic of the Week – What’s The Furthest Place From Here? from Image Comics. We also have three great comics to look out for On The Radar from DC Comics and Image Comics. In MEANWHILE… some awesome new Dredd figures from HIYA and Prog-ress a new exhibition from Carhartt WIP & 2000 AD

The Geeky Brummie Pull List – Good Boy – 5th January

Thanks to Christmas and New Year it’s a bumper catch up week for comics here in the UK. Some of these books may not make it on to shelves by Wednesday but look out for our Comic of the Week, the second issue of Good Boy. Also on the Pull List are the latest issues of Once and Future, One-Star Squadron, X-Men and the final issue of Inferno. On The Radar we have seven new comics including Stray Dogs: Dog Days, The Human Target, Mazebook, Soul Plumber, Not All Robots and more and MEANWHILE… takes a break this week

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