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Bandersnatch – Don’t choose anything…

Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch has been a much talked topic on the internet for the past few weeks, including a visit from Tuckersoft to our own fine city. But what happens if you watch an interactive show without actually interacting with it? #BrumHour’s Dave Massey finds out… <BACKGROUND> Stefan has a passion for computer games and …

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Umbrella Academy #NewComicBookDay 3rd January 2019

It's the first New Comic Book Day of 2019 where Umbrella Academy is our pick of the week.

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By Night #NewComicBookDay 13th June 2018

Here are our picks of the new comics hitting comic stores today 13th June 2018.

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Trailer Talk – San Diego Comic Con 2017 TV Wrapup

Cheer yourself up with re-living the TV trailers right here!

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