Building a PC for Video and Audio Editing: Part 2 – The Build

If you missed the previous post  – you can find it here

pc build part 2

Putting the Components together

It’s time to put together a new PC to replace our elderly editing laptop with something a little more modern. for a budget of roughly £1300 excluding the monitor. Join us on this video of assembling the system

Building your own PC

If you wanted to build a similar system from Box or want more information on these parts, head on over to https://www.box.co.uk/products/area/geekybrummie to view the PC we put together.

If you’re not willing to risk building your own PC (I don’t blame you they’re expensive bits to put together, then Box also offer custom PC building service with Cube – https://www.box.co.uk/blog/cubes-new-custom-pc-configurator . The Cube team has over 20 years’ experience in building PCs, and they’re all built in Birmingham by hand. Cube’s new also cleverly ensures that the parts are all compatible too,and build pricing is very reasonable.

We’ll be back with Part 3 in which, we’ll be bench-marking performance to see how this stacks up against ‘The Beast’.

Disclosure – A small discount was given by Box on the items shown. Geeky Brummie is not affiliated with Box and does not earn income via the links given. Box has had no editorial control over this series of articles.

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