Esports Roundup: UK’s First LAN Typing Tournament, Wolves join UKETC & Team Norse Thunder Need YOU!

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Welcome to the first Geeky Brummie esports roundup of 2022! This week, get involved in the UK’s first LAN typing tournament with Warwick University; Wolves Esports joins the UK Esports Team Committee; and Team Norse Thunder put out an open call for people to join their Advisory Group.

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  1. Open Qualifiers for UK’s first LAN Typing Tournament Ends Soon
  2. Team Norse Thunder Are Looking for Advisory Panel Members
  3. Wolves Esports Joins UKETC

Open Qualifiers for UK’s first LAN Typing Tournament Ends Soon

(Image Credit: Warwick University)

Ever been told that you type fast? Then you should take part in the Warwick Esports Typing Championship!

Announced last month, Warwick Esports is hosting a competitive speed-typing tournament. The tournament is open to anyone and everyone who thinks they can hold their own and type fast. Prizes include over £250 in merchandise from Mechboards UK, a daskeyboard X50Q, and the book Nerds Per Minute, By Sean Wrona.

About the UK’s first LAN Speed Typing Tournament

Online qualifiers for the event opened on the 17th of December and will run until the 7th of January, with the top 24 progressing to the live finals. Tournament entry is fully open to the public, with the only requirement being attendance at the live finals on the 29th of January if you make it into the top 24.

The tournament has already garnered a lot of attention online and amassed over 100 participants with a further 100 expressing interest.

Join the official Discord server here to enter or for additional information.

Who is behind it?

The tournament was founded by Emre “eiko” Aydin – a long-time competitive typist and student at the University of Warwick. Aydin wanted to give back to the community and help grow the esport genre. He comments: “I think what’s great about competitive typing is that it’s incredibly accessible; everyone has typed before but equally everyone knows how hard it is to type quickly and accurately. Anyone can watch this and immediately appreciate how skilled these players are, which isn’t always the case with esports.”

The esports typing tournament is sponsored by Keyma.sh, an online multiplayer competitive platform – who is also the software and platform partner of the tournament.

Why is this a big deal?

Simply put, it’s an in-person final – a rarity for this type of esport. According to Keyma.sh founder Cameron “GNiK” Touchette, Warwick Esports are the first to do this – bringing a whole new dimension to competitive typing. The fact that this type of esport is so accessible, makes it a perfect introduction for anyone to learn about the wonderful world of esports.

(Image Credit: Team Norse Thunder)

Team Norse Thunder Are Looking for Advisory Panel Members

Stourbridge-based Esports Organisation Team Norse Thunder are looking for volunteers to join their Advisory Panel.

About the Esports Organisation

Team Norse Thunder is a British esports organisation and social enterprise based in the West Midlands. Founded in 2016, Team Norse Thunder runs esports projects that help people fight social isolation and loneliness. As a not-for-profit organisation, Team Norse Thunder help people to build positive and structured relationships and communities as a platform to help them tackle the social barriers they face.

Outside of their charitable projects, TNT has enjoyed competitive success too with players earning top-ten finishes at world championships, qualification for major international events, multiple tournament victories, and hold impressive world and European rankings across Pokémon TGC, Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Magic: the Gathering.

About the Advisory Panel

Working collaboratively alongside the team’s management staff, the newly formed board will attend monthly meetings to support the organisation in navigating any challenges and opportunities that may arise. Using their industry experience and knowledge, members of the board will have a hands-on role in how the team makes decisions – directly impacting the work of TNT.

The post holder will be responsible for:

  • Supporting the team’s management staff in tackling issues and challenges that they face through idea development, discussion, and debate.
  • Helping to develop and improve social enterprise funding bid documents and various other project documents and reports.
  • Holding the team’s management staff to account to ensure that they are delivering on the team’s aims and objectives.
  • Helping to shape the team’s mission and vision through sharing your up-to-date knowledge on industry trends and issues.

This is a voluntary position that will be working remotely with the team.

How to Apply

All you need is a CV and cover letter discussing why you want to join the panel – it’s only a few hours a month of your time but could make a massive impact on the lives of young people across the UK. Visit this page to apply or for further information.

(Image Credit: UKETC)

Wolves Esports Joins UK Esports Team Committee

Wolves Esports has signed up to the 12-member UK Esports Teams Committee (UKETC) as part of five new teams admitted to the organisation designed to improve the UK esports industry.

What’s the UK Esports Team Committee?

The UKETC was founded by seven organisations in July 2021, with the sole aim of leveling up esports in the UK. The intention of the organisation is to act as a collective voice when speaking to wider industry stakeholders about the industry.

With support from the British Esports Association, but overall independent from the body, the committee seeks to increase awareness and credibility of UK esports, increase education opportunities, promote diversity and inclusivity projects in the space and help develop the industry to a sustainable future.

Wolves Esports are inducted to the organisation alongside UK organisations Method, LDN UTD, Team FUTWIZ, and Resolve, joining founder members Endpoint, Excel, Fnatic, MNM Gaming, London Royal Ravens, London Spitfire, and Vexed Gaming.

Why is this good news?

Wolves Esports is one of the most successful UK organisations in Esports. Wolves have an internationally recognised brand, with North American Exports giants Evil Geniuses as well as their success with their competitive arm in China. Not only this but Wolves presence on the committee provides an opportunity for further inward investment in the West Midlands, which has the potential to be the centre of the esports industry in the UK.

That’s it from me, friends, don’t forget to watch out for me on Mondays over at the Geeky Brummie Twitter or follow me on my personal handle @MrMatLovell. Adios!

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