Esports Roundup – Women in Games Awards & the British Army’s Mustang Cup

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Welcome to the latest Geeky Brummie Esports Roundup! This week, Women in Games invite you to celebrate your favourite women in esports; and the British Armed Forces are in full swing with their inaugural Mustang Cup tournament! If you have some esports news to share then fire me an email over at mat@geekybrummie.com.

Vote For Your Favourite Women in Esports

Voting for the Women in Games Awards is now open.

Voting is now open for the Women in Games Awards. The awards recognise the achievements of women across the games industry. The public is able to vote on 12 of the 20 Awards across 6 categories within the awards, including several dedicated to women in esports. Esports categories featured include Most Influential Host, Influencer, Player, Streamer, Writer or Journalist, and Esports Initiative.

Women in Esports announced nominees last Wednesday following over 250 unique applications. Nominees for the awards include prominent Dota 2 host Jorien ‘Sheever’ van der Heijden, shoutcaster Indiana ‘Froskurinn’ Black, and players French fighting games heavyweight Jennifer ‘AMELITHA’ Gomes and UK COD champion Emily-Rose ‘Emilia’ Worrall. Organisations shortlisted include ‘WeSports: Women in Esports’, Brown Girl Gamer Code, and Queer Women in Esports.

How do you vote?

To vote you need to register at https://the.wigglobalawards.com/. You can register a maximum of one vote per nominee and six votes per award category. You can check out the nominees before registering then Esports News UK have done a great round up in this article.

When and Where are the Awards?

The Women in Games Awards will take place at 7pm BST on Saturday 18th September 2021. It will broadcast live on GINX Esports TV — on Sky TV channel 433 as well as online. The awards ceremony will be the final event of the Women in Games Global Festival this year which will include a conference, games jam and esports tournament alongside satellite events across the globe. 

Who are Women in Games?

Women in Games is a UK-based not-for-profit organisation founded in 2009. The organisation has established a community of support and encouragement for women and girls in gaming. Their mission is to enable a gaming industry, culture and community free from discrimination. They seek to empower all girls and women, from all ethnicities and orientations, to achieve their full potential in the games and esports industries.

Why You Should Vote

This is a great opportunity to show support for your favourite women in gaming, and discover new people to watch and follow. You should choose categories that interest you and read about the nominees, whether they’re familiar to you or not.

According to the Women in Games website, in 2009 women numbered only 6% of the Games Industry workforce. In 2020 the global average statistic rose to 22%. A recent survey of the global top 15 Games Companies found only 16% of women are represented in the executive teams. The number of women working in any role or competing in esports is around 5% or 1 in 20. Yet approximately 50% of players globally are women.

The more people who vote and engage in these awards, the more Women in Games can flourish in their work supporting a vital demographic to the industry. Get casting your votes now!

UK Military Gamers Battle It Out For the Mustang Cup

Bringing together the best Call of Duty players the UK military has to offer.

Twenty teams from across the British Armed Forces are duking it out on CoD Black Ops Cold War for the inaugural Mustang Cup. The Mustang Cup is a tournament run by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Esports organisation (REME Esports). The tournament kicked off in July and will run through until 17th September.

REMEs website features roundups of each stage so far. Also on there are the current fixtures and results. Some highlights are featured on REME’s Twitch with regular updates on Twitter.

Who are the teams?

The teams competing consist of the vast majority of British Army Corps in addition to the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. Also competing by special invitation, teams from the established charities of Blesma, Help for Heroes and The Royal British Legion.

How is the tournament structured?

The tournament largely follows a standard Call of Duty League (CDL) format. This includes a group stage, a challengers knockout and final and a champions knockout and final. A wildcard stage follows the group stage to determine 4 of the 8 teams who proceed to the challenger knockout. Teams battle it out on Black Ops Cold War across three multiplayer modes – “Search & Destroy”, “Hardpoint” and “Domination”.

What’s happened so far?

The group stage took place over four weeks. The Signals A Team and Royal Logistics Core (RLC) B Team came out on top in Group A with 3/1 and 4/0 respectively. Coming third in the group was Blesma who qualified for the Challenger Knockout. Both REME teams dominated in Group B, leaving Infantry’s B team to qualify for the Challenger Knockout and Signals B Team and Help for Heroes to battle it out in the Wild Card stage. Group C saw RLC and Sapper A Teams take top spots with RAC’s A team enter the challenger knockout. Lastly, RAF Reapers and Infantry’s A team won in Group D with Legion Games qualifying for the group stage.

The Wild Card Stage featured Signals B Team, Help for Heroes, Sappers B team, Gunners, Navy All Stars and all three Adjutant General’s Corps teams; Red Leg, Sentinels and Old Timers. Each team battled hard for their last chance to remain in the competition but ultimately saw Old Timers, Navy All Stars, Red Leg and Signals B team qualify to the Challengers Knockout and the others bow out.

The Champions Quarter Final has been an explosive affair. The Infantry’s A team ran away with their match up against Signals A team winning 3 maps to 0. RLC Esports enjoyed a similar result, seeing off REME B team by clinching the first 3 games unopposed. However, their RLC’s B team were not so lucky, losing 3 games to RAF Reapers and being knocked out of the running. Now all that remains is REME’s A team to face off against Sappers A team to determine who goes on to fight RAF Reapers in the Champions Semi Final.

What’s coming up?

Still to come is the Challengers Quarter Final and both Finals which will play out in the coming weeks. You can find the full schedule and the latest scores here.

There has been some top plays throughout the tournament so far. Legless of Blesma Esports is topping the player stats for kills with 537 across 20 maps, closely followed by xBrows of RLC’s B tam and Sapper’s Gibbo. You can check out player stats here.

Overall, the REME team have done a brilliant job with this tournament. You can follow along with the latest updates by following REME esports on Twitter.

That’s it for my latest esports update! You can catch me talking more about UK esports on a monday via the Geeky Brummie Twitter channel. Until next time!

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