Insomnia 64 is coming – What to expect!

Insomnia 64 is coming this Easter bank holiday weekend! Here’s what to expect:




Bring You Own Computer! 

Image by Michael Seibt from Pixabay

Insomnia 64 is the UK’s biggest LAN Party. There’ll be over 2000 seats and there’s also evening entertainment available too for those gaming on till late!

No PC? There’s rentals available too from £105.10 for a Core i3 and GTX1160 up to a Core i7 and RTX 2080. Also, if you fancy bringing your rig, but not your monitor, you can pick up a 24″ 1440p gaming monitor too.



Image by dife88 from Pixabay

There’ll be community Esports Tourneys throughout the weekend for those bring their own PC with:

Fortnite Overwatch Call of Duty: Black Ops
PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds League of Legends Counterstrike: Global Operations
Rainbow 6: Siege Starcraft II Artifact



Insomnia Expo!



It wouldn’t be Insomnia without the Expo. There’ll be some of the biggest publishers in attendance as well as exhibitors, merchants and charities.

Nintendo UK will be bringing the European Smash Ball Team Cup. They’re on the search for the trio of smashers that will represent the UK and Ireland via a short tournament series that will conclude at Insomnia64, on Saturday 20th April 2019.

The Top 4 Final will take place on the Insomnia Main Stage on Saturday 20thApril at 16:00 GMT, and will be live-streamed on the Nintendo UK YouTube and Twitch channels.

Nintendo UK will also be running tournaments in Splatoon 2 on Sunday 21stApril and Monday 22ndApril. There will be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournaments on Friday 19thApril, Sunday 21stApril and Monday 22ndApril, while Mario Tennis Aces will have a tournament on Friday 19thApril!

This year Insomnia will also be welcoming along with others:

Razer Samsung Alienware LG
TrustGaming Lime SpecialEffect – The Gamers Charity Guide Dogs


There’s also daily tournaments with GAME gift cards available for the winners, the Anthem #Gamebus, plus a special Fortnite 100 seat Battle Royale zone you can sign up on the day!


The Dark Room!



For the over-14s there’s also the chance to be trapped in John Robertson’s retro gaming nightmare, The Dark Room! If you succeed, you’ll take home £1000… but if you fail YOU WILL DIE! For you are not alone in The Dark Room; the merciless overlord of improv, John, is here to guide you through an hour of expertly crafted chaos and anarchy. And in the end, everybody plays!

Price is £10 + booking fee for day and non-ticket holders and £5 + booking fee for Weekend and BYOC ticket holders.


Indie Zone!

Image by DavidRockDesign from Pixabay

As always at Insomnia64, there’ll be chance to play some of the best new indie games. See some of the newest and innovative games including:

Lunch Break Sure Footing Flock
Space Toads Mayhem Arcade Tycoon Stuffed
Nirvana Clodhoppers Lord Winklebottom Investigates
Escape The Labyrinth Aegis-M Drink More Glurp
Guardians Of The Past Vortex Locomotion
Space N Traders Disobedient Sheep Eight Dragons


Retro Zone!

Insomnia64’s Retro Zone is the place to relive your childhood memories (or find out what your dad means by ‘Space Invader Champion’). If you can vaguely remember it, it’s almost guaranteed to be part of our Retro Zone, and all free to play.

Special Guests!

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

As well as GeekyBrummie in attendance, there’ll also be internet personalities, Youtubers, bloggers & Twitch stars at Insomnia! The likes of Pyrocynical and 8-Bit Gaming will be there for meet and greets, selfies, autographs and more!

Geeky Brummie’s Insomnia General Tips

  • Wear Sensible Footwear (if you’re not Cosplaying!) – You’ll probably do a LOT of walking around to try and fit it all in, including breaks away from the desk if you are doing BYOC and don’t forget to bring some plasters for those blisters if needed.
  • Drink Plenty of Fluids Similar to wearing sensible footwear, keeping yourself hydrated is always a good idea. The Halls can get warm with the thousands of attendees and you’ll be glad to have some thirst relief. There’s plenty of food stalls both inside the convention and in the NEC itself, or you could pop over to Resorts World if you fancy a more leisurely dining experience.
  • Bring Cash Most Vendors will now accept card payments but the internet data signal can occasionally get overwhelmed. There’s plenty of ATMs onsite but the queues can get long with other events on at the NEC. You won’t want to miss out on that exclusive Fortnite Funko or that cartridge for your collection!
  • Batteries Whether spare batteries for a camera or a battery pack for your phone, it’s always advisable to bring some POWER with you, if not for yourself, your friends will thank you when you need to make that phone call.
  • Hand Sanitiser One of those things that’s always handy after you’ve forgot to bring some!

And most importantly..

  • Cosplay Is NOT Consent If you’re taking pictures of some of the FANTASTIC cosplays you’ll see at Insomnia64, remember to ask permission first. Be polite and respectful, and if you love the cosplay give them a follow on their social media pages. You can find more information on Photography Rules at the Terms & Conditions Page.
    • If you need more info, this handy video from DPiddy will give you some tips:

  • Other than that, HAVE FUN!



Great, you can get your tickets HERE!


Can’t make it? 🙁

Life does get in the way sometimes, and if you’re busy, there’s always Insomnia 65! It’ll be returning to the NEC on 23rd – 26th August 2019

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