The Geeky Brummie Podcast – Issue 137!

It’s time for the The Geeky Brummie Podcast – Issue 137!

On this week’s action packed show:

How Are You?

  • Leigh fights the internet
  • Phil pops to Italy
  • Keith is angry at Pringles
  • Guy rediscovers a dark memory
  • Kallen ‘accidentally’  steals beer & pizza
  • Ryan talks about Gary Barlow’s Banoffee Pie
  • “Pepper La Poo”

Weird News

We get obsessed with the story of Donut Theft and the rapid response of the Spokane police.

Binge & Bloat

We discuss the state of modern TV habits. Is it better to binge watch, consuming a whole series of TV in a multi episode sittings, or is better to wait and savour each episode weekly?

Whatever Happened To…

We discuss the works of director Richard Kelly who made three films (Donnie Darko, Southland Tales & The Box) and speculate on why he stopped making movies…

Why It’s Rubbish!

Our semi-regular grump about what’s going on in the world that annoys us.

#GeekyGoingsOn – Issue 137

We select some of the best of the week’s Geek offerings & what’s going on in the local area:

Comic of the Week:

William Gibson's Alien 3

WILLIAM GIBSON’S ALIEN 3 from Dark Horse by William Gibson, Johnnie ChristmasTamra Bonvillain.

The official adaptation of the original screenplay for Alien 3, written by William Gibson.

After the deadly events of the film Aliens, the spaceship Sulacocarrying the sleeping bodies of Ripley, Hicks, Newt, and Bishop is intercepted by the Union of Progressive Peoples. What the UPP forces don’t expect is another deadly passenger that is about to unleash chaos between two governmental titans intent on developing the ultimate Cold War weapon of mass destruction.

Podcast of the Week:

Mentally Yours Podcast

MENTALLY YOURS from The Metro by Ellen C ScottYvette Caster.

Mental health – when did everyone start taking it all so seriously? Yvette Caster and Ellen Scott of Metro.co.uk chat to a mystery guest each week and discuss all the weird stuff going on in our minds.

Videogame of the Week:

GRIP: Combat Racing

GRIP: COMBAT RACING by Caged Element Inc. & Published by Wired Productions.

A futuristic combat racer inspired by Rollcage! PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & PC.

Local Listings:

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