Things to Do In Isolation! – Our Comprehensive Guide

Things to Do In Isolation!


Our comprehensive list of ways and recommendations to keep entertained whilst you’re self isolating or socially distancing

(all links correct at time of writing)

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Also check out Project Gutenburg for lots of free classic ebooks 

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Free Comics


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Sales & Stores


Mat has also scoured the internet for free games but be quick! (All links are valid at time of writing.)

  • The Stanley Parable (2013)
    Describing the Stanley Parable is a challenge without giving too much away. It’s a narrative exploration simulator like the likes of The Witness, with disorientating puzzles interlaced with dark humour and self-awareness similar to the Portal series. It’s cleverly crafted, well designed and is a must have indie game that has to be experienced first-hand. If nothing else on this list, I urge you to give this one a look. You’ll have to claim it through the Epic Games store, so you’ll need to get an account but it’s quick, easy and well worth it for this game.
  • Watchdogs (2014)
    Watchdogs was one of the most anticipated games the year of its release and understandably too. Despite a rocky launch, this action-adventure game has an ambitious heart to it, with excellent environments in the form of a fictionalised version of Chicago, and an interesting core hack mechanic as you roam the city and complete story and side quests. Again, like the previous entry you’ll you need to claim it through the Epic Games store, and it’s worth it for this Triple A title.
  • GOG’s “Stay-at-home” bundle
    Good old Games (popularly known as GOG) are giving away an astounding 27 games including classics dating back to 1979 and a playable prologue of the brand new city-building sim Builders of Egypt. Stand out titles for me are GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, which is literally the card-game from the main series and Shadow Warrior Classic Complete edition which is a pivotal early 3D First-person-shooter developed by the team behind Duke Nukem 3D. All titles are DRM-free and compatible with Windows; some are also available for Mac or Linux.
  • Drawful 2 (2016)
    Drawful 2 is free on Steam – and that’s awesome. It’s a hyperactive Pictionary game that’s perfect social-distancing as you can play this with people you live with, but also remotely with friends and relatives. You sketch a picture on your phone or tablet based on a text prompt, and then everyone gets to vote on what the picture represents.
  • Bonus: Football Manager 2020 (2019)
    This seminal football management simulator almost didn’t make the list because you can only play the game for free until 30th March. Still, whether you’re a fan of the series or just starting out, you’ll have a couple of days to try the game before you buy.

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Streaming – Sex Education

Gaming – Theme Hospital

Graphic Novel – Y: The Last Man


Streaming – The Ghibli Collection

Gaming  – Assassins Creed Origins


Streaming – Castlevania

Books – The Loki Series by Joanne M. Harris

Comics – The wonderful Mark Russell

Games – Wolfenstein on Xbox Game Pass


Books – The Rama Series

Streaming – The Mandalorian on Disney+

Game – Animal Crossing

Comic – Decorum

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