Dial H for Hero #NCBD 22nd May 2019


New Comic Book Day with Dial H for Hero.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store including Dial H for Hero. It’s a very quiet week for books I’m interested in so this week I’ll also be recommending a couple of trade paperbacks you should be reading.


Title: Dial H for Hero

Publisher: DC Comics

Issue No.: 3

Creative Team: Sam Humphries – Writer : Joe Quinones – Artist & Cover Artist

Dial H is a great book. Sam Humphries is writing a fantastically surreal adventure story, putting it up there with the best of the Wonder Comics line. Joe Quinones continues to draw the heck out of the story ably adapting his style to fit the off the wall characters dialled in. I’m just sorry this is only running for six issues, because this is just the kind of comic we need right now.

From the Publisher:

“Teen daredevil Miguel and runaway Summer travel to the hime of the flash in Central City to steal back the H-Dial as a secret former weilder of the powerful device swears to do anything to becomes a hero again – including handing the dial to Mr. Thunderbolt, the villanous entity working to steal the Dial. But it’s hard to work together when you can’t trust your partners… so it’s time for the mysterious Summer to reveal her past to Miguel!


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Also out this week are some other comics I recommend you take a look at including Rumble #12, Middlewest #7 and  Road of Bones #1.  Also out this week are trade paperback collections of Middlewest Book 1 which collects issues 1-6 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol.1 which collects issues 1-4.

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