Eve Stranger #NCBD 8th May 2019


New Comic Book Day with Eve Stranger.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store including Eve Stranger, Wonder Twins and Curse Words. Plus a round up of other regular comics you should be reading.


Title: Eve Stranger

Publisher: Black Crown

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: David Barnett – Writer : Philip Bond – Artist, Cover Artist & Variant Cover Artist : Clay Mann – Variant Cover Artist

Black Crown have been putting out some great books. Writer David Barnett has been working wonders with Punks Not Dead. Now they team him with one of my favourite artists – Philip Bond. I’ve been a fan of Philip’s work since Atomtan and Deadline. Wired World was one of the best strips in Deadline alongside Hugo Tate – often eclipsing Tank Girl. It’s great to see him working on a monthly title and I’ve high hopes for this series.

From the Publisher:

“You have unlimited funds, a jet-set lifestyle, and extraordinary abilities. And your bloodstream is filled with nano bombs. The contents of a syringe will deactivate them for a week and also wipe your memory. So what happens when you develop a sneaking suspicion that you’re actually working for the bad guys? EVE STRANGER, amnesiac-for-hire.

High-octane thrills!

Impossible missions!

Doomed romance!


Title: Wonder Twins

Publisher: Wonder Comics/DC

Issue No.: 4

Creative Team: Mark Russell – Writer : Stephen Byrne – Artist & Cover Artist : Rafael Albuquerque – Variant Cover Artist

So close to being comic of the week – the Wonder Twins continues to be one of the hidden gems in the monthly release schedule. Mark Russell and Stephen Byrne are doing some amazing work with these little know characters. Placing them in the world of high school and superheroes allows the creative team to make some interesting story choices which are both humourous and deeply insightful. It’s a real shame this series is only going to run for 6 issues as I’d like to see more from Jayna and Zan.

From the Publisher:

“From the writer of two of the most critically acclaimed DC Comics of all time (THE FLINTSTONES and EXIT STAGE LEFT: THE SNAGGLEPUSS CHRONICLES), it’s a mind-bending new look at DC’s new alien teen sensations…the Wonder Twins!

It’s spring and love is in the air—even for the Wonder Twins!—as they try to adjust to life on Earth and as interns for the Justice League. After Jayne makes an impressive showing at her new school’s science fair, the twins both get dates that don’t go as planned but the bigger threat may come from Jayne’s best friend Polly Math, daughter of reformed villain Filo Math.


Title: Curse Words

Publisher: Image

Issue No.: 21

Creative Team: Charles Soule – Writer : Ryan Browne – Artist & Cover Artist

I’ve enjoyed Curse Words since the beginning and it’s now heading to what promises to be an epic conclusion. The story of the Hole World and wizard named Wizord has remained weird, fresh and humourous (there’s that word again) but laced with tenderness and honesty. Ryan Browne’s art is the perfect foil to Charles Soule’s wonderful writing and I’m kinda sad it’s all coming to an end. The previous story arcs are all in trade now so I recommend you check them out.

From the Publisher:

“‘FAIRY TALE ENDING,’ Part One (of Five)-That’s right, CURSE WORDS is barrelling to its epic conclusion-only five issue left. All questions will be answered, all spells will be cast-it’ll be just plain magical. In this issue, see Wizord and Ruby Stitch vanquish many enemies, only to face one they can’t sorcerize into submission… the truth!

Round Up



Also out this week are new issues from comics I recommend you start picking up including Supergirl #30, Sonic The Hedgehog #16, Section Zero #2, Samurai Jack: Lost Worlds #1 and Black Hammer: Age of Doom #10.

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