Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #NCBD 5th June 2019


New Comic Book Day with Guardians of the Galaxy Annual.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store including Guardians of the Galaxy Annual, The Incredible Hulk: Last Call and Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion.


Title: Guardians of the Galaxy Annual

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Zac Thompson – Story : Al Ewing, Donny Cates, Tini Howard & Lonnie Nadler – Writers : Yildiray Cinar, Ibrahim Moustafa, Felipe Amdrade & John McCrea Artists : Giuseppe Camuncoli – Cover Artist : John Tyler Christopher, Ron Lim & Jen Bartel – Variant Cover Artist

I love the comic annual tradition. It’s slightly different with US comics than the British idea of a hardback at Christmas. It usually gives the creative team a chance to do something a little different than normal. This looks to be the case with this Guardians Annual where the story is being told by fan favourite pup – Cosmo. Three pages of this story is being drawn by British comics legend John McCrea which should be more than enough to get it on your pull list. Appearances by Quasar and Darkhawk are two other reasons I’m looking forward to this bumper package.

From the Publisher:

“Since the Black Order’s attack on the galaxy’s greatest defenders, the cosmos has been wtihout its heroes. Find out what really happened to Nova, Quasar, Adam Warlock, and Darkhawk! And who better to tell this story than Cosmo, the Spacedog?



Title: Umbrella Academy : Hotel Oblivion

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Issue No.: 7

Creative Team: Gerard Way – Writer : Gabriel Ba – Artist, Cover Artist & Variant Cover Artist : Nick Filardi – Colorist

Gerard Way has been doing great things with the Young Animal imprint over at DC but this is his first comic child. The third saga for the pupils of the Umbrella Academy has been as wonderful as the previous instalments. It’s a shame that we are now at the final issue. As usual I have absolutely no idea how this is going to end but I’m looking forward to finding out. Will the TV adaptation being such a success I hope that we won’t have to wait as long for the next adventure with this dysfunctional family of superheroes.

From the Publisher:

“The heroes face a mortal showdown with Perseus and the villains from Oblivion, as a new threat arises, deepening the mystery of the Umbrella Academy.



Title: The Incredible Hulk: Last Call

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Peter David – Writer : Dale Keown – Artist & Cover Artist

Marvel is putting out some great comics to mark its 80th anniversary. Last week’s Star Wars issue was a great read and I’m hoping for more of the same from this comic. Reuniting two of the best Hulk creators in his history, this comic should appeal to all fans of the jade giant. Peter David’s writing defined the Hulk for a generation of readers and having him back with superstar artist Dale Keown should be a blast.

From the Publisher:


In his twelve-year stint on THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Peter David redefined the Green Goliath for generations of fans and creators. Artist Dale Keown drew some of that run’s most beloved and influential issues. Now the pair return to their incredible collaboration for a special oversized one-shot issue! Bruce Banner is tired of being the Hulk. Heck, he’s tired of being. But just when he’s about to lose all hope, a miracle occurs: a fight worthy of the Incredible Hulk.

Round Up


Also out this week are some other comics I recommend you take a look at including DCeased #2, The Dreaming #10, Meet The Skrulls #5, Section Zero #3 and The Six Million Dollar Man #4.


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