Now we are Three! – Happy Birthday Geeky Brummie

It’s our Third Birthday today.

Three Years Ago, in a recording studio in Birmingham, the first ever Geeky Brummie Show went out over the air.

The mission was simple: to spread the word about the cool geeky things around Birmingham and have some fun along the way.

It’s picked up a few past and present members of the Geeky Brummie family along the way, Keith Bloomfield, Guy Halford, Philip Ellis, Kallen Daynes, Leigh Price, George Elsmere, David Whitney, Laura Creaven, Nate Crowley, Shaun Maynett, Paul Hadsley. We’ve even had Mrs Geeky Brummie herself when we’ve manged to coax her into a recording.

We’ve also had some fantastic regular guests such as Jaws 19, Olly MacNamee, Steve Tanner, Stacey Taylor, Kirk Taylor (no relation!), Pete Burke, whomever we could grab at the amazing Nostalgia & Comics, Shane Chebsey, VooFoo Studios, the local legend #BrumHour, and more.

We’ve been through some changes and evolution over the past few years including parting ways with our former home of Brum Radio last year, who we wish every success, and braving the world of being a podcast.

The one thing we’ve not stopped doing is trying to provide you with some entertaining, informative and sometimes even emotive content. Covering the broad spectrum of Pop-Culture for the past three years, from Comics, Film, TV, Gaming, Music, Cosplay, Technology and more, we’ve tried to keep the content fresh with variety. Plus the occasional round of Top Trumps too.

I’d like to say a personal thank you to every one of you who’ve been involved in the show over the past few years, from co-presenters, to guests, to anyone we’ve grabbed for an interview or taken a chance and hit download or stream on the podcast, watched one of our YouTube videos or helped share our message of geekiness and love across Birmingham and beyond.


Keep an eye out for exciting new things coming your way from Geeky Brummie over the next few months but now excuse me, I’m off for a slice of cake and a toot on a party horn.

Keep on Geeking!

Ryan Parish, Founder – Geeky Brummie


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