Once & Future #NCBD 18th September 2019


New Comic Book Day with Once & Future.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store including Once & Future and Death’s Head.


Title: Once & Future

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Issue No.: 2

Creative Team: Kieron Gillen – Writer : Dan Mora – Artist & Cover Artist

I missed the first issue of this title last month and only recently picked it up after hearing a lot of good things about it. This is a superb little book. I’m a sucker for Arthurian legend stuff (I love Matt Wagner’s Mage series) and this take on British mythology is both new and refreshingly different. Once & Future has a super strong premise and features a hugely talented creative team and together that makes this a fun read. Dark and funny this book is a must for fans of King Arthur or humorous fantasy stories. The fact that the lead character Duncan looks strangely familiar also added a little something extra to this tale. Highly recommended.

From the Publisher:

“The McGuire family has held back supernatural threats for generations, but this time they messed up. As an ancient evil arises from the grave, Bridgette and Duncan find themselves up against forces bigger than they could have expected, and faces new and old are about to complicate things further.


Title: Death’s Head

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue No.: 3

Creative Team: Tini Howard – Writer : Kei Zama – Artist : Nick Roche – Cover Artist : John McCrea – Variant Cover Artist

Death’s Head continues to go from strength to strength. Tini Howard’s writing perfectly taps into the strange humour of this uniquely British character. It makes me very excited at what she will do with the upcoming Excalibur relaunch. Kei Zama is also delivering some career high visuals that make this comic an absolute pleasure to read. I’d love to see this comic extend its run but I guess that is unlikely. I just hope this is not the last we see of our favourite freelance peace-keeping agent, yes?

From the Publisher:


Dr. Evelyn Necker has been stalking the streets, looking for the recipe for a perfect Death’s Head. And just when she managed to build one, Wiccan whisked him away. But now she’s about to get her hands on the original Death’s Head himself — and it’s gonna be a dream of a fight.


Round Up

Also out this week are some other comics I recommend you take a look at including History of the Marvel Universe #3, House of X #5, Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #3, Second Coming #3 and Star Trek: Year Five #6.



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