Review: Amnesia Agents – Jason Cobley & James Gray

Amnesia Agents

Black and White interiors – 52 pages – £6.99

Written by Jason Cobley
Art and Lettering by James Gray

Officially launched today at ICE Comic Con and based on the novel Amnesia Agents Book 1: The Forgotten Child by Jason Cobley, Amnesia Agents is an original graphic novel with 48 pages of story, plus supplementary material in US comic book sized format.

The premise of Amnesia Agents is the story of Theseus Brown, a newly recruited Agent, and his partner Persephone Mills. Both possess the ability to sense breaches between the real world and the ‘Echo’, where memories go when they’re lost. They are tasked with finding a dealing with an anomaly causing memories, and people, to go missing.

The artwork by James Gray is solid, using great shading to give detail and the pencils thoughtfully done to provide depth. Structure is well served and matches the tone of the novel, giving a noir-ish feel yet leaning into the fantastical elements.

The dialogue is fast paced, with each character having a unique voice and tone, allowing them to form well and help you identify their character traits.

The story is set in the present day, multiple threads intertwining across multiple locations and timelines to keep track of. It blends in the familiar of an England now, with fantastical worlds inhabited by creatures you wouldn’t expect. We’re also left with both a well written closure to the main story but open enough for the sequel, which we hope to see soon!

For the size of the book, it’s very reasonably priced at £6.99 and well worth adding to your graphic novel collection. We’d recommend this, especially if you enjoy the blending of fantasy with reality, such as Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.

You can order your physical copy over at the Jason’s Etsy Store, at his Lulu store or order via ComicHaus.

Digital copies will be available on Comixology soon.

Head on over Jason’s website at  http://writingcobblers.blogspot.com/ for more about this book and more.

You can see some more of James’ art at the link below.

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