Ruinworld #NewComicBookDay 11th July 2018


New Comic Book Day including Ruinworld and She Could Fly

It’s Wednesday so that must mean it’s new comic book day so here are Geeky Brummie’s picks for the comics available from your local comic book store including the first issue of Ruinworld.


Title: Ruinworld

Publisher: Boom Studios!

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Derek Laufman. Cover by Derek Laufman. Variant Cover by Sean Galloway.

I’ve been following writer/artist Derek Laufman for a while and I love his particular style. This week he brings his worldwide hit digital comics series to life at BOOM! Studios. Intrepid adventurers Pogo and Rex are on a quest for fame and fortune. Their discovery of a special map leads them on an epic journey through dangers, demons and old enemies. Just one problem-they’ve already lost the map. An all-ages comic about fun, friendship and screaming in the face of danger, perfect for fans of Adventure Time and Adventure Zone.


Title: She Could Fly

Publisher: Dark Horse

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Christopher Cantwell, Martin Morazzo and Moroslav Mrva. Cover by Martin Morazzo.

The latest from Karen Berger’s Berger Books imprint at Dark Horse, She Could Fly is written by Christopher Cantwell, co-creator/showrunner of AMC’s Halt and Catch Fire with art by Martin Morazzo In Chicago, an unknown woman appears flying at speeds of 120 miles per hour and at heights reaching 2,000 feet. Then she suddenly dies in a fiery explosion mid-air. No one knows who she was, how she flew, or why. Luna, a disturbed 15-year-old girl becomes obsessed with learning everything about her while rumors and conspiracy theories roil. Will cracking the secrets of the Flying Woman’s inner life lead to the liberation from her own troubled mind? This sounds great and I’m looking forward to finding out more.


Title: X-23

Publisher: Marvel

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Mariko Tamaki and Juann Cabal. Cover by Mike Choi. Variant Covers By Rahzzah, Mike Choi, Skottie Young and Jen Bartel.

Laura has been great as All-New Wolverine but now Logan is back she’s been given her own comic series again. She returns to her roots as X-23 to make sure no one ever has to go through the horrors she did. With her sister Gabby and their pet Jonathan in tow, X-23 forges her own destiny in this new series. If you’ve not read any of Laura’s adventures before this would be a great jumping on point and I’m looking forward to @marikotamaki ‏take on the character.


Title: Isola

Publisher: Image

Issue No.: 4

Creative Team: Brenden Fletcher, Karl Kerschl and Msassyk. Cover by Karl Kerschl. Variant Covers By Karl Kerschl and Msassyk.

Isola is nothing short of beautiful and I fell in love with it instantly. In this issue we continue the tale of Queen Olwyn’s transformation and the treachery of her brother, Prince Asher. Recommended for fans of Studio Ghibli and the work of Hayao Miyazaki!


Title: Transformers: Unicron

Publisher: IDW

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: John Barber and Alex Milne. Cover by Alex Milne. Variant Covers By James Raiz, Andrew Griffith, Francesco Francavilla and Bill Sienkiewicz.

I’m picking this series up as it features one of my favourite characters ROM Spaceknight. It will be interesting how they tie up of their stories together. In this series the end is nigh! The Darkest Hour has come. Optimus Prime stages a desperate gamble as the world-eater, Unicron, approaches Windblade’s homeworld-but that’s just the appetiser. The main course is Cybertron (with a side of Earth)… and it’s starting to look like no force in the galaxy can stop the end from coming.


I was hoping Euthanauts from Black Crown would be released today but it’s been pushed back until next week.

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