Scream! and Misty Halloween Special Review

Scream! and Misty Halloween Special. Two old British comics return from the grave just in time for Halloween.

From the makers of 2000AD comes a little something special just in time for Halloween. Returning from beyond the grave, the Scream! and Misty Halloween Special is a horrific treat for readers who may remember these classic titles from the 80s.

Misty was originally published between 1978 and 1980 when it was merged with another comic, Tammy. It then continued until 1984. Although it was primarily a comic for girls, I have fun memories of reading Misty when my sister would bring it home along with her copies of Bella and Tammy. Scream! emerged in 1985 and ran for 15 issues until it was eventually merged with Eagle to form Eagle and Scream!

Now thanks to Rebellion, the publishers of 2000AD, acquiring the rights to the stories, a Scream! and Misty Halloween Special has been published featuring stories based on characters from both comics.

Scream Again!

From the pages of Scream! we get stories from The 13th Floor, The Dracula File, Death-Man: The Gathering and Return of Black Max: Blood Moon and from Misty we get The Return of the Sentinels and Fate of the Fairy Hunter.

The 13th Floor written by Guy Adams, art is from John Stokes and Frazer Irving with letters from Simon Bowland. The story reunites us with Max. Max is the sentient computer programmed to serve and protect the residents of Maxwell Tower, a tower block built in the 1980s. His 13th Floor is a place where bad things happen to bad people and the switch of artwork between John Stokes real world setting and Frazer Irving’s 13th Floor is used brilliantly.

The Dracula file by Grainne Mcentee with art by Tristan Jones and letters by SG, brings the ancient vampire howling into the 21st century. The scratchy art style and use of red colouring is an interesting introduction to one of Screams! best stories.


,Death-Man is a newer character who originally appeared in the 2000AD Free Comic Book Day prog from 2016. Written here by Feek with some fantastic art from Henry Flint and letters from SG, this short but effective story also resurrects several other characters from the past. The Steel Commando from Thunder, Thunderbolt the Avenger, The Leopard from Lime Street and Pete’s Pocket Army. From Buster, Paddy McGinty’s Goat, Von Hoffman’s Invasion, The Iron Major and The Dwarf from Jet, Death Wish from Speed and the new Doctor Sin from the 2015 2000AD Free Comic Book Day prog.

Finally from the pages of Scream! we have the Return of Black Max: Blood Moon, written by Kek-W with art by Simon Coleby, colours by Len O’Grady and letters by Jim Campbell. The WWI fighter ace returns to haunt his great granddaughters dreams in a short but effective introduction to the character.

Don’t Forget Misty

Then from pages of Misty we have The Return of the Sentinels. It’s the story of two high rise tower blocks holding a secret doorway to an alternative Earth. Written by Hannah Berry with art by Ben Willsher and letters by Annie Parkhouse this is a great update to the original title.

Finally written by Alec Worley with art by Dani and letters by Maz Smith, we have the Fate of the Fairy Hunter, a tale that’s short and fun.

The Scream! and Misty Special is a great reintroduction to some fabulous lost stories. Although the stories here are short they feel as if they are leading to a hopeful continuation in future issues. If what you read here is enough to get you interested in the original titles the Treasury of British Comics are currently reprinting many of these old stories. The first volume of The Dracula File is available now. Volumes 1 and 2 of the collected Misty are also available. The first volume of The 13th Floor is coming soon.

Although not as scary as we might have remembered from our youth, the Scream! and Misty Halloween Special is a worthy purchase and perhaps the ideal Halloween treat for horror fans old and new.

Geeky Brummie Rating:  B+

The Scream and Misty Halloween Special is available now from all good and evil newsagents and comic shops priced £3.99.

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