Silver Surfer: Black #NCBD 12th June 2019


New Comic Book Day with Silver Surfer: Black.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store including Silver Surfer: Black, Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion & Wonder Twins


Title: Silver Surfer: Black

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Donny Cates – Writer : Tradd Moore – Artist & Cover Artist : Nick Bradshaw, Adi Granov, Clayton Crain, Lucio Parrillo, Ron Lim, Mike Zeck, Ryan Brown, Matthew DiMasi, Gerard Parel & Junggeun Yoon – Variant Cover Artists

A new Silver Surfer comic is always something to look forward to. A Silver Surfer comic written by rising star Donny Cates and artist extraordinaire Tradd Moore even more so. This series spins out of the recent events in the Guardian of the Galaxy series and annual so you may want to take a look at those first but it’s not essential. The Surfer appears to be in safe hands with Cates as this series chronicles his battle to escape the Black Order’s wormhole. The series also promises to change the Sentinel of the Spaceways forever. Tradd Moore’s art is looking fantastic – capturing the cosmic spectacle we’d expect to see from the pen of the Surfers creator Jack Kirby.

From the Publisher:

“Spinning out of GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #1, almost the entire galaxy’s defenders have been blown through a black hole, including the Silver Surfer! But the story doesn’t end there… In order to fight back the oblivion, Surfer will have to fight to save his own soul and not lose himself to the void. Follow the Sentinel of the Spaceways on a journey that will change him forever!

From superstars Donny Cates (VENOM, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) and Tradd Moore (ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER, VENOM)!



Title: Umbrella Academy : Hotel Oblivion

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Issue No.: 7

Creative Team: Gerard Way – Writer : Gabriel Ba – Artist, Cover Artist & Variant Cover Artist : Nick Filardi – Colorist

DELAYED FROM LAST WEEK – Gerard Way has been doing great things with the Young Animal imprint over at DC but this is his first comic child. The third saga for the pupils of the Umbrella Academy has been as wonderful as the previous instalments. It’s a shame that we are now at the final issue. As usual I have absolutely no idea how this is going to end but I’m looking forward to finding out. Will the TV adaptation being such a success I hope that we won’t have to wait as long for the next adventure with this dysfunctional family of superheroes.

From the Publisher:

“The heroes face a mortal showdown with Perseus and the villains from Oblivion, as a new threat arises, deepening the mystery of the Umbrella Academy.


Title: Wonder Twins

Publisher: Wonder Comics/DC

Issue No.: 5

Creative Team: Mark Russell – Writer : Stephen Byrne – Artist & Cover Artist : Stacey Lee – Variant Cover Artist

Soon to be Eisner Award winning writer (if there is any justice) Mark Russell continues to demonstrate what an incredible medium for stories comics are. He has taken characters only a few people remember, placed them in the innocuous setting of a high school and crafted a tale that is both funny and heartfelt. There is more going on between these pages than you can ever imagine. Stephen Byrne has matched Mark with a stand out turn on art duties (why this man isn’t a superstar I’ll never know) and together have catapulted this into my list of favourite comics. It’s a pity this series is only short but I can’t wait to see what Messrs. Russell and Byrne do next.

From the Publisher:

“The much-talked-about and always-topical take on the Wonder Twins continues from irreverent and witty writer Mark Russell and artist Stephen Byrne, who captures both the humor and the heart of the siblings, exiled to Earth and interning for the Justice League. A battle royal between minor-league heroes and villains ends in tragedy and a horrifying revelation, teaching the world the true price of not taking people seriously. Always-hopeful Zan and cynical Jayna confront how circumstance (more than intent) often determines who’s labeled a hero or villain.

Round Up



Also out this week are some other comics I recommend you take a look at including Supergirl #31, Battlestar Galactica Classic #5, The Immortal Hulk #19, Outer Darkness #7 and Spider-Man: Life Story #4.

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