The Dreaming #NCBD 3rd April 2019


New Comic Book Day with The Dreaming.

It’s time to head out to your local comic shop and grab yourself some comics. These are Geeky Brummie’s picks for the comics that will be available today from your local comic book store including The Dreaming, Section Zero, The Six Million Dollar Man and Major X. Plus a round up of other regular comics you should be reading.



Publisher: DC/Vertigo

Issue No.: 8

Creative Team: Simon Spurrier – Writer : Abigail Larson – Artist : Tiffany Turrill – Cover Artist

Abigail Larson has done a wonderful job filling in for Bilquis Evely on these last two issues. Her style perfectly matches the Sandman Universe and Simon Spurrier has utterly nailed the tone of these characters. I was initially skeptical of returning to the world of Sandman but The Dreaming has proven to be a joy. If you’ve yet to sample the delights of this series then be sure to pick up this issue.

From the Publisher:

“His skin, marked by malignant magics. His spirit, eclipsed. His mind, crushed.

Even the Lord of Dreams is powerless against the storm of lost love. When an Endless heart breaks, the world breaks with it…



Publisher: Image

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Karl Kesel – Writer, Artist, Cover Artist : Tom Grummett – Artist & Cover Artist : Jerry Ordway & Walt Simonson – Variant Cover Artists

Jack Kirby does The X-Files. Well if that doesn’t make you want to pick up this title I don’t know what will. The team up of Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett is inspired, I’ve loved the work these folks has produced in the past and I’m intrigued to see what they’ll do in this miniseries.

From the Publisher:


A team of fearless adventurers uncovers the secrets behind UFOs, MONSTERS, and LOST CIVILIZATIONS! It’s “JACK-KIRBY-does-The-X-Files” in this miniseries by one of comics’ classic creative teams—KARL KESEL (Harley Quinn, Superboy) and TOM GRUMMETT (The Death of Superman, Superboy)—and some of the greatest alternative cover artists in the industry!



Publisher: Dynamite

Issue No.: 2

Creative Team: David Hahn – Writer : Michael Walsh – Artist, Cover Artist & Variant Cover Artist : Adam Gorham & Felipe Magana – Variant Cover Artists

The first issue was a lot of fun. So I’m back for the continuing adventures of Steve Austin. This comic captures what I loved about the 70s series and already has me scouring eBay for a vintage Six Million Dollar Man doll.

From the Publisher:

“Steve Austin thought he had an easy mission…drop by Japan, stop a bad dude from launching missile, job done. That was BEFORE his cybernetic leg got chopped off. Now he’s gotta fight for his life, fending off countless samurai mercenaries while his body powers down…


Title: MAJOR X

Publisher: Marvel

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Rob Liefeld – Writer, Artist & Cover Artist : Whilce Portacio – Variant Cover Artist

Another comic legend returns this week with Rob Liefeld unleashing Major X. Rob seems very restrained here with Major X lacking any visual pouches on the cover but I’m sure that’ll be made up for when he confronts Cable. If 90s comic excess was your thing I’m sure this title will be nostalgia heaven.

From the Publisher:


A mysterious new player enters the Marvel Universe and the X-Men are in his crosshairs!

What is his mission and how can the man known as Cable hope to stop him?

Round Up



Also out this week are new issues from comics I recommend you start picking up including The Immortal Hulk #16, The Green Lantern #6, Uncanny X-Men #15, Marvel Team-Up #1 and Curse Words: Spring Has Sprung Special #1.

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