The GB Pull List – Once and Future 18th November 2020


The Geeky Brummie Pull List with Once and Future

A very quiet week in comics this week. So our pick of the week this week is Once and Future from BOOM! Studios and the latest issue of Tales from the Umbrella Academy: You Look Like Death appearing from Dark Horse Comics.

In Meanwhile… we take a look at some more comic related news stories.

Now on with the comics…


Title: Once and Future

Issue: 13

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Written by Kieron Gillen : Art by Dan Mora : Coloured by Tamra Bonvillain

Genres: Action/Adventure/Fantasy

From the Publisher:

Beowulf’s arrival was an unexpected one and now that the smoke has cleared, Gran and Duncan are beginning to wonder what other surprises lurk around the corner.Meanwhile in the Otherworld, Merlin is up to his old tricks and crossing over with another story was just the beginning of his plan…

It’s the start of a new story arc “A Parliament of Magpies” in this issue of Once and Future . The team of Gillen, Mora and Bonvillain are putting out one of the best comics around. It’s great to see what was once going to be just a 6 issue run continue its look in to the world of legends, myths and British folk horror. I can highly recommended this comic to fans of all things Umbrella Academy.


Title: You Look Like Death: Tales From The Umbrella Academy

Issue: 3

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Written by Shaun Simon & Gerard Way : Art by I.N.J. Culbard : Cover by Gabriel Ba

Genres: Action/Adventure/Superhero

From the Publisher:

Klaus’s contact with the dead comes in handy when his former movie star friend needs help wowing a casting director. Beneath Hollywood, we catch up with Shivers, the vampire-chimp drug lord, in his vampire amusement park, where he continues his search for the Umbrella Brat who stole his stash, while Klaus’s aging paramour distracts him with booze . . . and relish.

This expansion of the Umbrella Academy universe is very welcome. Picking Klaus as the lead of this first run was inspired. I hope we get to see more of the Tales From The Umbrella Academy taking in other characters from the world. I hope after this we get a Pogo series.




Thought Bubble 2020 goes Digital to beat Covid


Last weekend Thought Bubble 2020 presented its first all digital comic con. Over the weekend you could explore its virtual halls and buy comics and merch from a whole host of amazing creatives. As usual one of the big draws is the panels with the big names in comics and we’ve picked out favourite ones for you to watch below:

My first pick is a discussion between Mike Molcher, Dave Gibbons, Rachael Stott, Declan Shalvey, Woodrow Phoenix and Mary Safro about the history and current comics culture in Britain and Ireland; it’s unique take on the classic Superhero, or more so, the lack thereof; and the tight knit community that continues to grow and thrive.


In this panel Warren Simons talks to Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt about their collaborative career and their current work on the incredible Cosmic Detective.


In this panel director Duncan Jones and Eisner-nominated comic creator and curator Alex de Campi talk to Kamara Horne about the challenges and rewards of creating across multiple formats, from film and TV to prose novels and comics. They also discuss MADI, one of the most successful comic book Kickstarter campaigns of 2020, and the process of adapting Duncan’s vision for the third chapter in the “MOON trilogy” and attracting some of the greatest artists in comics to work on it. MADI is now available in comic shops and bookstores everywhere. Duncan and Alex will discuss the genesis of MADI, its unprecedented reception, and give insight into the creative process behind it plus other past and future projects of theirs.


The final panel of the weekend was a big one – Kevin Smith himself pops by to talk to Chloe Green about the influence of comics on his work and give us the inside track to his work on Daredevil and Green Arrow. We also hear how he was a fan of the First Comic – Grimjack, one of my favourites in the 80s. This panel includes a bit of swearing so be warned – it is Kevin Smith.

You can explore the halls of the virtual Thought Bubble here – thoughtbubblefestival.com/entrance

Save Hellblazer


With only one regular issue left to go I’d like to remind everyone how magnificent this series is and how we shouldn’t allow DC to cancel it with issue 12. Sign the #SaveHellblazer petition here – Persuade DC Comics to continue the John Constantine: Hellblazer series

I hope that recent events depicted in Justice League Dark don’t have any bearing on this situation.



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