The Geeky Brummie Pull List – Good Boy – 24th November

The Geeky Brummie Pull List with Good Boy

A great looking new book from a small publisher takes our Comic of the Week title this week. Good Boy from Source Print Press launches in comic shops following a successful Kickstarter campaign. Filling out the rest of the Pull List is the final issue of Fight Girls and the latest X-Men. We only have four new comics to look out for On The Radar including the absolutely the final issue of Vinyl, Superman ’78, Beyond the Breach and a new book from Jim Mahfood Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost.

In Meanwhile… we take a look at the new comic from CODA creators Si Spurrier and Matias Bergara

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Now on with the comics…

Title: Good Boy

Issue: 1

Publisher: Source Point Press

Written by Christina Black and Garrett Gunn : Art by Kit Wallis

Set in a world where humans and dogs are equals, Good Boy is a thrill-packed treat for anyone who loves action, dogs, and good stories.

Flint Sparks and his human Jon, both former mercenaries, have settled down in quiet retirement from an industry where the job is supposed to be forever. But, unlike anyone before, they found a way out. However, this new life, filled with peace and joy, is not to be. In the dead of night, some of their former “colleagues”, who disagree with their decision to retire, break into their home and murder Jon, leaving Flint alive in the bloody aftermath.

That was their FIRST mistake.

But don’t worry – they haven’t seen anything yet

What If.. John Wick but John was the dog. That’s the elevator pitch for this great looking new title from Source Point Press. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year, that completely passed me by, this series is now coming to a comic shop near you. The premise alone is enough to make me sit up and pay attention but coupled with art that is totally up my street this had to be my comic of the week. I’ve added this to my pull list and I hope you’ll add it to yours.


Title: Fight Girls

Issue: 5

Publisher: AWA/Upshot Studios

Written and Illustrated by Frank Cho : Coloured by Sabine Rich

Ten hard-as-nails women face off in an ancient contest of champions where the winner truly takes all: the title of “Queen of the Galaxy.” To win the challenge each contestant must survive the hazards of the planet’s harsh landscape, the ferocious predators on and below its surface, and their fellow contestants. This edition of the contest has a twist: one of the contestants is an infiltrator who has her eye on something bigger than the prize. Who is she and what does she really want? In this concluding issue the secrets are revealed…and the empire will never be the same.

I’ve had a blast following this series, and I won’t spoil it here but my favourite made it to the end. But I don’t think the story will end that simply and Frank has some surprises in store for us in this final issue. A beautiful book, full of amazing imagery and a superbly told pulp adventure makes this a highly recommended book.


Title: X-Men

Issue: 5

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written by Gerry Duggan : Art by Javier Pina

ENTER: DOCTOR STASIS! The X-Men’s new nemesis finally makes himself known to them, bringing his creations to bear. Mutants may have conquered death, but their foes are all too living…

I like this new X-Men book. It’s telling some nice stories and handles the characters well. Which is just what I’d expect for a writer of Duggan’s caliber. If you’ve not picked up an X-Men book in a while I’d recommend you give this run a go as it hits all the right spots.



On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:


Superman ’78 #4

DC Comics

Written by Robert Venditti : Art by Wilfredo Torres : Coloured by Jordie Bellaire

Superman tries to assimilate into his new life in the bottled city of Kandor, but his heart lies elsewhere. Can Superman put his old life behind and find joy in what would’ve been his home, or can Lois Lane and Lex Luthor make contact with the Man of Steel and give him hope to return to his adoptive world?


Vinyl  #6

Image Comics

Written by Doug Wagner : Art by Daniel Hillyard and Dave Stewart

A sunflower death bunker ablaze. Ella Fitzgerald blaring in every room. It’s Walter versus Madeleine.


Beyond The Breach #5

Aftershock Comics

Written by Ed Brisson : Art by Damian Couceiro : Colored by Patricio Delpeche

It’s complete chaos as interdimensional bounty hunters descend upon Vanessa and crew. One of our heroes will sacrifice themselves, but will it be enough? Will Vanessa manage to get Dougie home? Is there even a home to return to? And what will happen to everyone else?!


Grrl Scouts: Stone Ghost #1

Image Comics

Written and Illustrated by Jim Mahfood

Superstar artist and comics-makin’ weirdo JIM MAHFOOD returns to his creator-owned GRRL SCOUTS universe for a brand-new six-issue miniseries! Join DIO, TURTLENECK JONES, and GORDI as they face off against the sinister and unpredictable evil of THE TEETH! Hilarious, over-the-top, psychedelic adventure will ensue, you guys! Packed from cover to cover (no ads!) with completely unique and eye-poppin’ MAHFOOD art, including bonus comics and behind-the-scenes fun! Plus, an absolutely stunning variant cover from our good friend PEACH MOMOKO! Feel the Funk!



Spurrier Returns

I have loved the books Si Spurrier has been producing of late. His John Constantine: Hellblazer was the best the character has been in many years and his mutants and Black Knight stories over at Marvel have been a revelation. Now in February 2022 he will reunite with CODA artist Matias Bergara to bring us Step By Bloody Step.

An armored giant and a helpless child. Together they cross an astonishing world brimming with beasts, bandits, and—deadliest by far—civilizations… If they stop walking, the earth itself forces them onwards. WHY? The child can’t ask. She and her guardian have no language, no memory, nothing—except each other.

Multiple-Eisner nominees SI SPURRIER (X-Men), MATÍAS BERGARA (Coda), and MATHEUS LOPES (Supergirl) present a watershed moment in modern comics: four double-length chapters of a bittersweet fantasy opus, completely text free.

Let’s take a walk.


This bittersweet fantasy opus about a nameless child and her giant guardian will be completely silent and wordless, letting the beautiful art stand front and centre and breaking down the language barriers. The miniseries will be published as four double-sized issues, this is a co-production between Image and Éditions Dupuis, with the English edition’s #1 issue will be released by Image in February 2022 and the French edition—to be titled Saison de Sang— will be published by Dupuis in June 2022.

I can’t wait.



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