The Geeky Brummie Pull List – I Hate This Place – 18th May

The Geeky Brummie Pull List with I Hate This Place

It’s a huge Geeky Brummie Pull List this week. First up is I Hate This Place, from Image Comics which is our Comic of the Week. We have six other books on the Pull List this week, mostly mutants titles from Marvel. We also have another three great comics to look out for On The Radar also from DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics. Finally, in MEANWHILE… we are on the hunt for some lost McMahon art and check out the latest Hiya Toys 2000AD figure.

If you want to send any comics or comic related events we should feature, feel free to reach out to me at keith@geekybrummie.com.

Now on with the comics…

I Hate This Place #1

I Hate This Place
Issue 1
Image Comics

Writer – Kyle Starks
Artist, Cover Artist – Artyom Topilin
Colourist, Cover Artist – Lee Loughridge
Letterer – Pat Brosseau

Buy on Comixology – I Hate This Place #1 (Link)


After inheriting a farm house, Trudy and Gabby are ready to start the next chapter of their lives together…except it’s already home to a mysterious force that’s attracted ghosts, aliens, and all kinds of supernatural beings for decades.

Now, Gabby and Trudy must play by the “house rules” in order to survive living among the most frightening creatures on Earth in this new series from KYLE STARKS (ASSASSIN NATION, THE SIX SIDEKICKS OF TRIGGER KEATON) and ARTYOM TOPILIN (ICE CREAM MAN PRESENTS: QUARANTINE COMIX SPECIAL).

This one was suggested to me by my local comic book store and after seeing the explicit variant title (F*@k This Place) I was all in. I love a good horror comic and this book comes with a good pedigree. The whole idea of a farm house in the woods attracting all kinds of supernatural shenanigans and putting our protagonists through the wringer looks great and the art, from newcomer Topilin, has the scratchy, indie vibe I love. Looking forward to this one.

Fantastic Four #43

Fantastic Four
Issue 43
Marvel Comics

Writer – Dan Slott
Artists – Andrea Di Vito and Rachael Stott
Colourist – Jesus Aburtov
Letterer – Joe Caramagna

Buy on Comixology – Fantastic Four #43 (Link)


THE RECKONING WAR CONTINUES! The last time the Cormorant appeared, he destroyed the Baxter Building and the Latverian Embassy, completely overpowered the Fantastic Four, and left without anyone laying a hand on him. Now, for the sake of the universe, Doctor Doom must face him alone. Hail Doom! Meanwhile, four of Earth’s greatest heroes are trapped in the toxic wastelands of the Barrens…and there is no way for all of them to make it out alive. Guest-starring: The Silver Surfer, She-Hulk, and an army of Marvel’s most cosmic champions!


I’m definitely enjoying the Reckoning War story and having Rachael Stott on board is a big bonus. This issue promises more of the big, bold cosmic guest-stars I’ve come to expect from this grand, sweeping epic. Great stuff.

Immortal X-Men #2

Immortal X-Men
Issue 2
Marvel Comics

Writer – Kieron Gillen
Artist – Lucas Werneck
Colourist – David Curiel
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – Immortal X-Men #2 (Link)


EMERGENCY COUNCIL MEETING! Magneto leaving the council means big shoes need to be filled. Selene demonstrating her foot size by crushing the whole island beneath it is unorthodox, yet compelling. Can the Quiet Council resist?

I enjoyed issue one and it’s fun to see Gillen playing in the mutant sandbox. I’m curious to see how the rotating viewpoint of each Quiet Council member works out but I’m sure Gillen will nail it.

New Mutants #25

New Mutants
Issue 25
Marvel Comics

Writer – Vita Ayala
Artists – Rod Reis and Jan Duursema
Colourist – Ruth Redmond
Letterer – Travis Lanham

Buy on Comixology – New Mutants #25 (Link)


THE LABORS OF MAGIK START HERE! The big two-five is here—and it’s the perfect jumping-on point for fans new and old! Illyana Rasputin is the Sorcerer Supreme and the rightful queen of Limbo…but she’s been awfully busy on Krakoa. Someone’s got their eye on the throne—and Magik isn’t the only queen in mutantdom. Vita Ayala and Rod Reis rekindle an old flame for a whole new generation of Magik lovers!

A new arc begins this issue and we focus on fan favourite Magik. Vita and Rod have been doing a bang up job of capturing the feel of the original New Mutants run but with a 21st Century twist. Possibly the strongest of all the mutants books right now, this issue would be a perfect place to jump on.

X-Men: Red #2

X-Men: Red
Issue 2
Marvel Comics

Writer – Al Ewing
Artist – Stefano Caselli
Colourist – Federico Blee
Letterer – Cory Petit

Buy on Comixology – X-Men: Red #2 (Link)


WHO CAN TAME THE RED PLANET? The mutants of Mars spent millennia worshipping war—and on what they now call Arakko, they’re keeping up their violent ways. Abigail Brand knows the red planet needs a firm ruler in charge. But Storm has other ideas, along with a broken Magneto in her corner and Sunspot making his own moves. It’s a new world…and someone has to claim it.

Another in a currently strong line-up of mutant books, this one has the supremely talented Ewing at the helm. That in itself is enough to make this book pull worthy but this is also pulling from Al’s awesome run on S.W.O.R.D. so if you were a fan of that short lived title, this is the book for you.

The X-Cellent #3

The X-Cellent
Issue 3
Marvel Comics

Writer – Peter Milligan
Artist, Cover Artist – Michael Allred
Colourist, Cover Artist – Laura Allred
Letterer – Nate Piekos

Buy on Comixology – The X-Cellent #3 (Link)


THE X-CELLENT DID WHAT?! That’s right, you heard it here first—the X-Cellent are taking on Doctor Strange! No one got famous for following the rules, and Zeitgeist knows this. But will this launch them into superstardom, or are they canceled? Zeitgeist will have something to say about that!

As weird and bonkers as you hoped it would be, The X-Cellent has picked up the X-Statix torch and run with it. With so much going on I can’t believe that is is only running for 5 issues. The art is spectacular and it’s fun to see these characters doing what they do best.

Good Boy Director’s Cut #1

Good Boy Director’s Cut
Issue 1
Source Point Press

Writers – Tony Fleecs, Christina Blanch, David M. Booher and Garrett Gunn
Artists – Seth Damoose, Trish Forstner, Alex Moore, Chris Williams and Jon Mendte
Artist, Colourist – Kit Wallis
Inker – Jake Isenberg
Colourist- Sean Forney
Letterer, Designer – Dave Lentz

Buy from Forbidden Planet – Good Boy Director’s Cut #1 (Link)

Can’t get enough of Good Boy? Then here’s a treat! This director’s cut showcases Kit Wallis’ gorgeous black and white art, has commentary from the Good Boy team, contains material previously only available in the Kickstarter version, and so much more!! It’s one not to miss!

Good Boy, a thrill-packed story set in a world where humans and dogs are equals, follows former mercenaries, Flint Sparks and his human, Jon, who found a way out of an industry where the job is supposed to be forever. However, everything is changed when some of their former “colleagues” break into their home and murder Jon, leaving Flint alive in the bloody aftermath. That was their FIRST mistake.

Don’t worry – they haven’t seen anything yet. And in this cut, YOU will get to see so much more!

I had a blast reading this book with its anthropomorphised take on John Wick. This expanded version of issue 1 promises to take us deeper into the story of Flint with a whole host of bonus features.


On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:

Fables #151

Fables #151

DC Black Label

Writer – Bill Willingham
Artist, Variant Cover Artist – Mark Buckingham
Inker – Steve Leialoha
Colourist – Lee Loughridge
Letterer – Todd Klein

Buy on Comixology – Fables #151 (Link)


Just in time for the 20th anniversary of its launch, the acclaimed blockbuster that defined an era of Vertigo returns with an all-new 12-issue story, “The Black Forest”—a tale that picks up right where Fables #150 left off, providing a new entry point into the world of Fabletown!

The dust has barely settled from the climactic battle between Totenkinder and Cinderella—and everything is far from happily ever after. A legendary new adversary has arrived, and he plans to get even with Geppetto for the mess that has been made of Manhattan. But it’s a new day…and with it, a new Jack in the Green has arrived in the Black Forest. And within the emergency room of a New York hospital…a Fable long thought dead returns!

Don’t miss the 20th-anniversary box set to get caught up on one of comics’ longest-running fantasy hits!

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3

DC Comics

Writer – Mark Waid
Artist, Cover Artist – Dan Mora
Colourist – Tamra Bonvillain
Letterer – Aditya Bidikar

Buy on Comixology – Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #3 (Link)


In chapter three, a side mission to track a shadowy figure has WaidMoraBonvillain and Bidikar taking readers on a twisted time-travel tale of titanic tenure! In an attempt to get to the bottom of the mystery, Robin the Boy Wonder and the Supergirl of Krypton venture back in time to China circa 1600 B.C.—running headfirst into the ancient superheroes known as the House of Ji! Meanwhile, Superman and Batman are losing a race against time to save their fellow superheroes from the schemes of a new villain…one simply known as THE DEVIL NEZHA.

The Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1

The Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1

Dark Horse Comics

Writer, Artist, Cover Artist – Geof Darrow
Colourist – Dave Stewart
Letterer – Nate Piekos

Buy on Comixology – The Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel To Be Kin #1 (Link)

In Phase 4 of the SCU, the Shaolin Cowboy finds his parenting skills being tested when he is forced to homeschool during a pandemic of unparalleled violence, in this story torn from yesterday’s viral twitter feeds.

Can he get a kung fu grip on the situation before a horde of .45 loving human monsters and not so human monsters send him to the ICU?

Only guns, swords, and flying guillotines will tell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hunt for Lost McMahon


Oxford, 9 May 2022: The hunt is on for original art pages by artist Mick McMahon from his work on the iconic 2000 AD series Sláine.

Rebellion is appealing for owners of original Sláine art by McMahon to come forward and assist with the next in its Apex Edition line of deluxe, over-sized facsimile art books.

With the Apex Edition of McMahon’s Judge Dredd work available for pre-order and out in October, this second volume, slated for publication in 2023, will feature his other work for 2000 AD on series such as ABC Warriors, Ro-Busters, and Sláine. Created by Pat Mills and Angie Kincaid, Sláine is one of 2000 AD’s most popular and enduring characters, and McMahon is acclaimed as one of the greatest artists on the series.

Not Just Dredd

The missing pages represent some of his boldest and most memorable work, including the story ‘Sky Chariots’ and the stunning cover for the 1986 Titan Books reprint of Sláine.

Lovingly put together by Rebellion’s reprographics and editorial team with the help of artist, writer and comics historian David Roach, The Apex Editions feature high-resolution scans of art, reproduced as close to their original size as possible. Owners of individual original Sláine pages are being asked to come forward to make this Apex Edition as comprehensive as possible.

What’s Missing

If anyone has any of the following pages, please contact Rebellion on press@2000AD.com

‘Warrior’s Dawn’ (2000 AD Prog 335) Pages 1, 2, 6

‘The Beltain Giant’ (2000 AD Prog 336)

‘Heroes Blood’ (2000 AD Progs 345 – 347)
Part 1 Pages 1, 3 – 6, Part 2 Pages 1 – 6, and Part 3 Pages 4 and 5

‘The Shoggey Beast’ (2000 AD Progs 348 – 351)

‘Sky Chariots’ (2000 AD Progs 352 – 360)
Parts 1 and 2 all pages missing, Part 3 (Prog 354) Pages 2, 4, 5, 6, Part 4 (Prog 355) Pages 1, 2, Part 5 (Prog 356) Pages 2, 4, 5, Part 6 (Prog 357) Pages 1, 4, 5, 6, Part 7 (Prog 358) Pages 2, 3, 4, 5, Part 8 (Prog 359) Pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and Part 9 (Prog 360) Pages 1 – 6

Cover of Sláine Book 1 (Titan reprint, 1986)

Apex McMahon

All artwork will be securely returned to its owners after being carefully scanned and appropriate credit will be given in the collection. They will also receive a copy of the book when it is published.

Graphic novel editor Oliver Pickles said: “It’s no exaggeration to call McMahon’s work on Sláine legendary. When we announced that we were putting together an Apex Edition of his work the question we immediately got back was “Will it include Sláine?” – while this year’s Apex Edition will just focus on Mick’s amazing art on Judge Dredd, we want to showcase his other work for 2000 AD which is just as enthralling and influential.”

David Roach said: “The Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland Apex Edition has been a huge hit and we’re hoping that now it is out there we’ll get an even better response to our appeal as people can see how the Apex Editions showcase such remarkable art.

“Part of the allure of his work on Sláine is how different and evocative it is – both in terms of his own style and with regards to previous artists on the series. His scratchy inking evokes ancient woodcuts while his work on ‘Sky Chariots’ in particular is simultaneously imbued with great solidity and a remarkable weightlessness.”

Bolland Delay

After delays caused by international paper shortages and shipping issues, the Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland Apex Edition collection is now arriving with customers and at comic book stores, to universally positive acclaim. This book brings together pages by Bolland from private collections in the US, UK, France, and further afield.

Hot Hershey

She’s the future cop whose skill and dedication saw her become top Judge of Mega-City One not once but twice – Judge Barbara Hershey is the next Judge Dredd figure from Hiya Toys.

Rebellion and Hiya Toys are proud to unveil the latest in the brand new range of 1:18 PVC action figures based on the world of Judge Dredd, from the pages of the bestselling comic British comic, 2000 AD!

Co-created by writer John Wagner (Button ManA History of Violence) and legendary artist Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing JokeCamelot 3000), and immortalised by actor Diane Lane in the 1995 movie Judge Dredd, Hershey was a promising young officer when she was chosen to accompany Dredd on the hazardous Judge Child mission, and quickly proved herself to be one of Justice Department’s most able Judges. She was soon promoted through the ranks until she became Chief Judge of Mega-City One itself.

Release Date

Releasing in the fourth quarter of 2022, this figure depicts Hershey as a street Judge and comes with sixteen points of articulation, a Lawgiver gun and ‘Daystick’ billy club. The figure will come shipped in an attractive protective cardboard window box.

Hershey are the next in the brand new range of fully poseable 1:18 figures announced in November 2021, drawing on more than four decades of ground-breaking comic books set in the world of the classic character created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1977.

Delays, Delays

Due to pressure on international shipping caused by the pandemic, the Judge Dredd and Judge Death 1:18 figures are now due to ship Q2 2022, Judge Mortis will ship in Q3 and Dredd’s iconic motorbike, the Lawmaster, will be available as a set to order from Q2 2022 and hit shelves in Q4 2022.

The 1:18 line will be followed by a 1:12 (six-inch) line, though production pressures caused by further pandemic lockdowns in China mean this line will be announced later this year.

Your Local Comics Shops

Your local comic shops are now open and you can pop in for your geek fix. Listed below are some of the best shops across the county with links to check the very latest information including opening time and covid safety measures. Therefore, when visiting these shops please be patient and respectful to all the staff who are doing an incredible job.


Please check with stores for any changes to opening times and services.

Follow the stores social media pages for updates!

FORBIDDEN PLANET (VARIOUS) – includes Birmingham Megastore

Check their website for more information –



Check their website for more information –

https://goshlondon.com/the-gosh-blog/the-gosh-authority-130620-reopening-news/ and https://twitter.com/GoshComics


Follow the stores social media pages and website for updates!

http://www.okcomics.co.uk/ and https://twitter.com/OKComics


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http://www.page45.com/ and https://twitter.com/PageFortyFive


Check their website and social media for more information –

https://travellingman.com/ and https://twitter.com/TravellingManUK

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