The Geeky Brummie Pull List – Locke and Key/The Sandman Universe – 1st September


The Geeky Brummie Pull List with Locke and Key/The Sandman Universe

Summer is almost over and I’ve a few more comics on the Pull List this week. The second and final issue of the Locke and Key/The Sandman Universe crossover takes our top stop with New Mutants and We Only Find Them When They’re Dead making up the remainder of this weeks list. Only one comic features On The Radar and that’s the latest and final issue of Ed Piskor’s Red Room, and you should definitely check it out.

In Meanwhile… we take a look at a new digital comic by local writer/artist Martin Green which has been published by Markosia Enterprises.

If you want to send any comics or comic related events we should feature, feel free to reach out to me at keith@geekybrummie.com. Now on with the comics…



Title: Locke and Key/The Sandman Universe: Hell and Gone

Issue: 2

Publisher: IDW Publishing/DC Black Label

Written by Joe Hill : Art by Gabriel Rodriguez

To win back her brother’s soul from Hell, Mary Locke has done the unthinkable: she’s seized control of the imprisoned Dream Lord’s artifacts of power and crossed over into his place of power, the Dreaming! Unfortunately, she’s managed to find herself in the middle of a war for the future of the kingdom, led by none other than the monstrous Corinthian…and even if she can survive that encounter, the road to Hell ends in locked gates guarded by Etrigan the Demon and the all-powerful Lucifer himself! Of course, the Locke family has always had a knack for making keys…
The second and final chapter of DC and IDW’s critically acclaimed crossover saga will change the way readers see the worlds of The Sandman and Locke & Key for years to come—for fans of either title, it’s absolutely unmissable!

The first issue of this cross-over feels so long ago but it’s been worth the wait. This is the perfect combination of franchises and both Joe and Gabriel have done a bang up job of bringing the characters from the world of The Sandman to Key House. This is everything you could want from this combination of worlds – it looks and reads beautifully and if you’re a fan of either series you should pick this up today and find the first issue if you haven’t already got it in your collection.



Title: We Only Find Them When They’re Dead

Issue: 8

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Written by Al Ewing : Art by Simone Di Meo

Tensions come to a head between the Harvesters and the Worshippers at Malik’s Flight as Marlyn Chen’s true plan is revealed.Meanwhile, Jason will find himself embroiled in a conspiracy and heist that makes Captain Malik’s original quest pale in comparison.

I am really enjoying this series. It’s in no rush and I can see that putting people off but for me the pace and the art combine to make this a pleasure to read. There is so much happening on such a cosmic scale that it can literally blow your mind and I’m here for that.



Title: New Mutants

Issue: 21

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written by Vita Ayala : Art by Rod Reis : Cover by Martin Simmonds

MAYHEM ON THE MOON! There’s something creeping in the shadows of the Summer House…and the NEW MUTANTS are about to come face-to-face with it. And back on Earth, the team is turning against itself as they gear up for their biggest battle yet.

New Mutants continues to be one of the best X-books Marvel is putting out. I remember being much more of a fan of the New Mutants over the X-Men in the 80s and that is once again how I feel here. This book has grown over the course of its run and really should be on your pull list.


On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:



Red Room #4


Written by Al Ewing : Art by Bob Quinn : Cover by Stefano Caselli

The breakout smash hit of 2021 wraps up its debut four-issue monthly “season” with a trio of tales inspired by the great EC Comics such as Tales from the Crypt and focusing on Donna Butcher, the original Queen of the Red Rooms! “Cyclical Territory,” “Pure Evil,” and “Snuff Said” explore Butcher’s origins in the VHS/Betamax era of torture porn before twisting into a contemporary revenge fantasy gone wrong. Another stand alone masterpiece from creator of X-Men: Grand Design and Hip Hop Family Tree! As seen on Cartoonist Kayfabe (YouTube)!



Plastic Fantastic

We love a good independent comic and Markosia Enterprises is a fantastic publisher of homegrown talent. So this week I wanted to feature a new digital comic from local writer/artist Martin Green. His latest work, The Plastic Empire, has just been released via Comixology.

Alternate version of earth in the distant future where the Roman Empire didn’t convert to Christianity and it’s now a corrupted version of the original faith. The Pope of the East is given an all-seeing eye by the Gods and is angered by the fact that the Roman druids and scientists have developed the technology to give plastic people (robots) a soul. The pope calls on an army of angels to mount a crusade against New Constantinople with the intention of purging the city and capturing a plastic person so their soul can be torn apart and the secrets of the Roman empire discovered.

The Plastic Empire follows in the grand tradition of British comics like Luther Arkwright and 2000AD and features some lovely black and white art. This alternative future tale of a futuristic Roman Empire and their plans to give robots souls and resulting conflict with the Pope of the East is just the kind of tale I enjoy.

This book is well worth seeking out and is available now from Comixology – The Plastic Empire


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