Wonder Twins #NCBD 11th September 2019


New Comic Book Day with Wonder Twins.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store including Wonder Twins and Outer Darkness.


Title: Wonder Twins

Publisher: DC/Wonder Comics

Issue No.: 7

Creative Team: Mark Russell – Writer : Stephen Byrne – Artist & Cover Artist : Nick Bradshaw – Variant Cover Artist

I was so pleased to find out that Wonder Twins had been extended from a 6 issue series to a 12 issue one. This issue is the beginning of the second arc and will hopefully follow on from the cliffhanger with The Scrambler that was set up in the previous issue. Stephen Byrne is the perfect artist for this series. His bright and cartoony style works beautifully for the characters of Jayna and Zan but also has an edge that is the perfect foil for the subversive message Mark Russell is putting into the scripts. The story definitely has something to say about the state of the world right now and I have to say that the cover for this issue is one of my favourite covers in some time. You really should be reading Wonder Twins and I hope that DC/Wonder Comics decide to make it an ongoing comic and I’ll read it for as long as Mark and Stephen have stories to tell. Highly recommended.

From the Publisher:

“Now a 12-issue series! The Wonder Twins are heroes, and the world is saved! Or is it? As Jayna learns how to deal with loss, Zan finally gets his varsity letter in hockey—will he finally gain the popular social status he craves?


Title: Outer Darkess

Publisher: Image Comics

Issue No.: 10

Creative Team: John Layman – Writer : Afu Chan – Artist & Cover Artist

Are you reading Outer Darkness? If not why not. This is one of the best comics coming out of Image right now. The stories are the prefect blend of horror and sci-fi, the characters have depth and the artwork by Afu Chan is beautiful. We are well into the second story arc right now but you should be able to jump in and get caught up. John Layman is promising big things for the finale of this current run which ends with issue 12 and I recommend you pick up this book today. Need any more enticement then this issue will heavily feature the ships cat!

From the Publisher:

“The entire crew of The Charon is infected with a plague that makes them increasingly violent and murderously insane. Except for the kitty, who is miraculously unaffected. So who’s gonna save the day?

Spoiler warning: Meow!


Round Up

Also out this week are some other comics I recommend you take a look at including Isola #9, Powers of X #4, Silver Surfer: Black #4, Batman Universe #3 and Collapser #3.



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