Padawan Rising – Exclusive Pictures of the Kickstarter Project

Padawan Rising

If you’re a Star Wars fan, and Birmingham based, you’ve probably already heard about Lee Kemp’s team and their amazing Kickstarter project, Padawan Rising. Lee was awesome enough to send over some shots from their Kickstarter shoot which we’d love to share with you all. Lee will also be joining us on this week’s Brum Radio show which you can tune into LIVE at noon on Saturday 24th March.

Padawan Rising tells the story of Kano, a young Jedi in training, sent on a easy mission to an abandoned planet as a last ditch attempt to learn to be responsible. Her only companion is the re-configured Pit Droid R-KS1. But as always, things don’t always go to plan especially when the First Order decide to make a visit…

padawan rising logo

The Director


Lee Kemp Lee has been making promos and commercials for over 10 years, making his first film in 2003 while serving in Afghanistan and when after leaving the he’s been making his living in film ever since. Now producing & directing commercials and promos around the world and serving executive producer of three feature documentary films. Bubbling at the back of his mind for a while now is the idea to create a short fan story set in the Star Wars universe.


Padawan Rising 1


To make this vision come to life Lee has assembled a fantastic crew.

The Team

Writer: Poz Watson

Poz is a storyliner on Eastenders – one of Britain’s biggest soap operas. When not writing life in the square She’s also developing two feature films; one is a tale of smash ’em up stock car racing, the other a psychological thriller.

Cinematographer: Karl Poyzer

Karl first worked with Lee in 2013 on a sports shoot in Barcelona. Karl now shoots promos, shorts, feature films and music videos for a wide range of prestigious clients.


Padawan Rising 2


VFX Supervisor: Kraig Winterbottom

Kraig’s career in film started out with nothing more than a curious google search on how green screens worked. After a 45 minute After Effects tutorial he was left completely hooked. 5 years and many sleepless nights later Kraig is a polymath in editing, VFX, colour grading, sound design, music production, motion design and 3D software.


Music: Kevin Riepl

Kevin has many credits, including scoring the award-winning shorts RUIN and HENRI. Kevin also wrote the score for the highly anticipated sci-fi series ATROPA and many other feature length and short films. He’s also written music for notable video games for 17 years, including Gears of War, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Rocket League. Kevin also scored Lee’s first short film.

Padawan Rising 3


Stunts: Mark Johnston

Mark is a founder member of Movieworks International. He’s performed stunts in big budget movies such as Prince of Persia and King Arthur. Mark’s worked in film and TV for nearly 20 years. He has over 25 years experience of armed and unarmed martial arts from historical to modern. He’s a Master Teacher in Ninja & Samurai martial arts registered in Japan as a 10th Dan, Third Level Shihan. Mark is trained in many aspects of stuntwork including fights, falls, tactical and stunt driving, wirework and a wide range of ancient, modern and improvised weaponry.

Storyboards & Concept Art: James Wetherell

James really loves making art and the team love his artwork. He’s been responsible for all the storyboards and the concept art on Padawan Rising.


Padawan Rising Concept Art
Padawan Rising Concept Art – James Wetherell


The Kickstarter

The Padawan Rising Kickstarter runs until 

Lee will be joining Geeky Brummie LIVE at noon on Saturday 24th March on Brum Radio and you can listen HEREFind Padawan Rising on Twitter @PadawanRising and on Facebook


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