Gaming Roundup – Release Roundup 19th August

Hello! Welcome to this week’s Gaming Roundup!

This week, another release roundup! (I’ve been busy)

New Releases

New Releases

In small releases, Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince (PC, Switch) is a cute little Zelda-like with a bunch of charm, while Thymesia (PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox) is an indie Soulslike with a crow aesthetic.

The first episodes of We Are OFK (PC, PlayStation, Switch) have launched. This virtual band crossed with visual novel art project puts together a choice-based narrative with some limited music video direction mechanics. This looks incredibly niche and hipster, so take a look at some reviews before deciding if it’s for you.

Fashion Police Squad (PC) is a fast-paced FPS that adds in more of what we’ve all wanted – fashion! Your opponents are all committing fashion crimes, and it’s time for you to shoot them with style, turning them fabulous. This is such a ridiculous concept but it’s great.

Cursed to Golf (PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox) is a cross between a golf game and a platformer, where you find yourself trapped in Golf Purgatory (yes) and, just like the title says, are cursed to golf for eternity unless you can save yourself by winning at golf. It’s another ludicrous concept and I’m here for it.

Kirby’s Dream Buffet (Switch) is the second Kirby game released this year, although this isn’t a platformer like Forgotten Land. Instead, this is a multiplayer spin-off title where you compete the become the biggest Kirby by eating the most strawberries. Think a cross between Gourmet Race from Kirby Super Star and Fall Guys and you’re pretty much there.

You’d think Epic would be fine with their current battle royale game, what with it being a dominating force in the industry and all, but no. Not content with just Fortnite, Epic also have Rumbleverse (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) which takes battle royale gameplay and focuses on melee over shooting. Basically, it’s a big 3D brawler where it’s last one standing.

Game of the Week

Game of the Week this week is Rollerdrome (PC, PlayStation) which is what happens when you combine Jet Set Radio and Max Payne. That’s it, that’s the pitch. (Trailer is here, it’s age-restricted)

In essence, this is a game about rollerskating around, pulling off some sweet tricks everywhere you go, while simultaneously blasting opponents in cool slo-mo. Combine this with a gritty 80s future aesthetic (you know the kind I mean), and then cel-shade the hell out of it so it looks like it was drawn by Moebius, and that’s Rollerdrome.

This looks rad as hell, and there’s nothing I dislike about this. Game of the Week then? Of course.

And that’s all for this week. Hopefully there should be a bit more next time!

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