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Hello! Welcome to this week’s Geeky Brummie Gaming Roundup!

This week, Capcom brings us W I D E Ryu

Street Fighter 6 Announced

After a long mysterious countdown to a new announcement that everyone assumed was Resident Evil related, Capcom went no, it’s Street Fighter 6.

The latest in the long-running, iconic fighting game franchise was revealed in a teaser this week that saw series mascot Ryu facing off against a character that is either new or completely outside of my range of knowledge of the franchise. Ryu is also the size of a bus now, and no explanation has been provided for this.

However, fans are disappointed in the logo for the game. Unlike the past games with their flashy, in-your-face font and bold colours, the Street Fighter 6 logo is a bland hexagon with the letters “SF” in the middle, accompanied by a 6 tacked on like it’s an app notification.

It also appears to be an Adobe Stock image, with some slight alterations. Although with this being the case, it’s quite possible that this is simply a really early prototype logo mocked up for the teaser trailer and we’ll see the more iconic logo return.

But still, we can all agree that Ryu is absurdly wide and it’s all I’ll be able to think about for the next week.

Bethesda Launcher to Close

Bethesda have confirmed that the Bethesda Launcher on PC, with all its services migrating to Steam.

Thankfully, Bethesda are making the transition as easy as possible, with a migration service launching in April to allow instant transfer to Steam. This will include game saves, friends lists and wallet contents, all of which will be copied over. The one exception mentioned by Bethesda is Wolfenstein: Youngblood, which won’t transfer saves for some unspecified reason.

It’s not clear why this change is happening, but considering how EA have gotten more relaxed about Steam and other publisher-specific services are being wound down, it’s likely just a sign that PC players are sticking to Steam and are tired with needing to sign up to additional services for no good reason.

Of course, this is Bethesda, so don’t be surprised if that transfer process glitches out on launch and your games end up in space somehow. It’s pretty much how they operate.

PlayStation VR2 Details

Sony had previously announced PlayStation VR2 earlier this year, but only now have they shown off the headset design.

It’s very similar to the original PSVR headset, but in a white with black accents design that aligns with the design of the PS5. There’s a definite feeling of roundness all around, with the controllers adopting a strange portal-with-a-Joycon-attached vibe.

Sony are also promising a bunch of improvements to the VR system from the PS4, but as someone who suffers crippling existential dread from using VR, I won’t be checking this stuff out. But if you’re interested, Sony have released the details here.

New Releases

New Releases


In new indie releases, we have Clouzy! (PC, Switch, Xbox One) which is an adorable little game about cloud daycare, where you feed and care for them so they can go on their journey across the skies. Ghost on the Shore (PC) is a narrative adventure title about a girl exploring an island while possessed by a ghost who haunts the place.

In weird Japanese releases, Monark (PC, PlayStation, Switch) is yet another JRPG about high school kids gaining the power to enter a dark otherworld to fight demons. Yes, some of its development staff worked on the Shin Megami Tensei series, why do you ask? And then there’s Sol Cresta (PC, PS4, Switch), which sees Bayonetta developers Platinum trying their hand at a bullet hell shooter, because of course.

While racing game fans are likely waiting another week for another game, GRID Legends (PC, PlayStation, Xbox) is trying to capture their attention all the same. The first Codemasters game released with new owner EA’s name attached, the game is promising a ton of different race types, all drawing from iconic moments in motorsport history, and with a full story mode all about a fictional team rising through the ranks.

The huge release of this week, praised to high heaven in every single review, is, of course, Elden Ring (PC, PlayStation, Xbox). Do I really need to write anything about this one? It’s the latest game from Dark Souls devs FromSoftware, so expect more brutal combat and a moody fantasy world, this time with writing assistance from George R.R. Martin off of Game of Thrones. It’s already one of the highest reviewed games on Metacritic EVER, so that’s a pretty good start, I’d say.

Game of the Week

Game of the Week this week is Martha is Dead (PC, PlayStation, Xbox). I mentioned this last week, as the PlayStation version has seen elements removed for unspecified reasons.

A horror game set in 1940s, you play as a woman named Giulia trying to solve the mystery around her sister Martha’s murder. Along the way, the game is promising a dark storyline that draws in elements around World War II atrocities for its horror.

It’s looking like this one might be a difficult time, but should definitely be an interesting one for fans of the genre. Will likely have a full review of this one up sometime next week if I can tear myself away from Horizon for long enough.

And that’s it for now! See you next with more gaming news and releases!


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