Hyperleague Racing Kickstarter – GET READY!

Hyperleague Racing

Hyperleague Racing

If you’re a tabletop gaming fan, and Birmingham based, you’ve probably already seen Andy Thomas demoing Hyperleague Racing at the recent UK Games Expo. Now they are taking their game a stage further with their amazing Kickstarter campaign. Featuring some great looking characters and ships this is a game for the whole family. Even if you have never played a video or tabletop game before.

Hyperleague Racing is a hyper-fun and hyper-fast tabletop miniature game, inspired by video game racers, designed to be mad fun for children of all ages. Players become the pilots of highly customisable intergalactic racing leagues where they fly between race markers. You will be zooming around a moon, asteroids, black holes and other space themed terrain while performing a range of tricks and manoeuvres to get ahead or better still, crash their rivals in to space junk.


We got the chance to talk to Andy about Mad-Dad Games and his Kickstarter campaign for Hyperleague Racing




The Kickstarter

The Hyperleague Racing Kickstarter runs until Friday August 17 2018 8:00 PM BST – 

Find out more about Hyperleague Racing and all their other projects at Mad-Dad Games and on Twitter at MaddadAndyt.

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