Gaming Roundup – Switch Sports and Other Releases

Hello! Welcome to the latest Geeky Brummie Gaming Roundup!

This week, due to scheduling issues, it’s a release roundup only.

New Releases

New Releases

Originally a console exclusive PS5 launch title, Bugsnax is now coming to Xbox and Switch, along with DLC for PC and PlayStation. A tasty quest to fill the hole that many feel inside their soul, this is a quirky Pokémon-like adventure about capturing creatures that are kinda bug and kinda snack, that also hides more horror than you’d expect from its cutesy exterior.

Emerging from Early Access, Rogue Legacy 2 upgrades to the full release on PC and also sees a port to Xbox. The sequel to the beloved roguelike about generations of heroes scaling a random dungeon, now with more biomes and classes than before.

The Serpent Rogue (PC, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox) is an action RPG about an alchemist in a land choked by a strange plant growth. The game sees you crafting potions, transforming yourself into animals and figuring out a way to bring the land back to life.

Dune: Spice Wars (PC) is a strategy game set in the Dune universe. As you might expect with even the slightest bit of familiarity with the franchise, the goal is to gather spice. Set up your harvesters, build your empire and avoid it all crashing down due to rival factions or sandworm attacks. However, fans of the Westwood Dune game from 1992 be warned – this isn’t an RTS, it’s a 4X. More Civilization than Command and Conquer, basically.

Nintendo Switch Sports (go on, guess) is the return of Nintendo’s motion control sports game, only now the Wiimotes have been thrown out in favour of the Switch’s Joy Con controllers. Expect more flailing and remember to keep that wrist strap fixed tight to avoid controller throwing mishaps.

Game of the Week

Game of the Week this week is Kaiju Wars (PC), a turn-based strategy game where you, the human military, have to take down Godzilla. Good luck.

At first glance, it looks a lot like critically acclaimed indie strategy title Into the Breach, only with more VHS filters. Also a big chunk of the map is occupied by a nuclear lizard. Or a giant ape. Or any of the five kaiju options available. The bulk of the game is built around a whole campaign that sees you holding off giant monsters while figuring out why natural disasters on the rise, and features a map builder to play around with.

Kaiju Wars looks like a lot of fun, and the Steam reviews are looking positive, so for that it has to be Game of the Week.

And that’s it for this week. See you again soon for more gaming news and releases!

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