2000AD Sci-Fi Special – The Pull List 13th July

We have 6 comics on the Pull List this week with Comic of the Week – 2000AD Sci-Fi Special from Rebellion Publishing. We then have another five books on the Pull List to check out, from Marvel, Image and Opus Comics. We also have four great comics to look out for On The Radar from Marvel and Vault Comics. Plus in MEANWHILE… a first look at Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter.

The GB Pull List – The Dreaming: Waking Hours 4th November 2020

With a second lockdown looming we take a look at the new comics out this week including The Dreaming: Waking Hours, Ultraman: The Rise of Ultraman and X-Men. In this weeks Meanwhile… a first look at the new Shadowman series, 2000AD Regens again and I continue to want to #SaveHellblazer.

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