2000AD Sci-Fi Special – The Pull List 13th July

The Geeky Brummie Pull List with 2000AD Sci-Fi Special

We have a great new selection of comics for you on the Pull List this week. the 2000AD Sci-Fi Special from Rebellion Publishing is our Comic Of The Week, with the latest issues of Eight Billion Genies, Bill and Ted: Roll The Dice, Immortal X-Men, New Mutants and Fantastic Four making up the rest of the list. In our On The Radar selection, we have four comics from Marvel Comics and IDW Publishing. And MEANWHILE… we take a look at the upcoming Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter from Skybound Entertainment.

If you want to send any comics or comic related events we should feature, feel free to reach out to me at keith@geekybrummie.com.

Now on with the comics…

2000AD Sci-Fi Special

2000AD Sci-Fi Special
Rebellion Publishing

Writers- Dan Abnett, David Baillie, Kek-W, Paul Cornell, Karl Stock & Mike Carroll
Artists- Warren Pleece, Steven Austin, V.V. Glass, Stewart Kenneth Moore & Emma Vieceli
Colourer – Barbara Nosenzo
Cover Artist – Luke Preece

Buy from 2000AD – 2000AD Sci-Fi Special (Link)

Marking 2000 AD’s 45th birthday, 2022’s summer special has a musical theme as the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic continues to celebrate 45 Revolutions Per Minute with Comic Rock!

This 48-page special features stories inspired by each writers’ favourite song – Judge Dredd is targeted by a disillusioned fellow Judge in a new story by Mike Carroll & Stewart K. Moore, Paul Cornell and Emma Vieceli take Psi-Judge Anderson into the mind of a mysterious psychic perp, Dan Abnett’s hitmen Sinister Dexter encounter a gun with special properties.

Meanwhile, Kek-W & Steven Austin drop Judge Death in the middle of a Block War, Karl Stock & Warren Pleece sink their teeth into Fiends of the Eastern Front, and David Baillie & VV Glass take on everyone’s lumpen mutant bounty hunter Middenface McNulty – plus more!

The 2000AD Sci-Fi Special is always something I look forward to. It reminds me of those long hot summers when I was a kid. This years issue looks to be better than ever, with the central theme of each story being inspired by the writers favourite song. The creative teams look more than up to the task and I love the Anderson cover. Don’t miss this as I’m sure it will sell out.

Eight Billion Genies #3

Eight Billion Genies
Issue 3
Image Comics

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Ryan Browne

Buy on Comixology – Eight Billion Genies #3 (Link)

We explore the first eight days after eight billion genies appeared on earth, offering one wish each to every man, woman, and child. The wish-proof Lampwick Tavern has provided a safe haven for our eight heroes so far, but now they must undertake a crucial mission into a world utterly remade by frivolous and bizarre wishes. With a special appearance from history’s most famous drunkards!

Will this issue be on time? Will my copy make it to my local comic store? Perhaps that’s what I should be wishing for. This series has been a hit with readers and I hear it has been optioned by one of the big streaming companies. I still haven’t read issue 2 yet, but I love the idea and the execution has been top notch.

Bill and Ted: Roll The Dice #2

Bill and Ted: Roll The Dice
Issue 2
Opus Comics

Writers – James Asmus and John Barber
Artists – Andrew Currie and Wayne Nichols

Buy from Forbidden Planet – Bill and Ted: Roll The Dice #2 (Link)

The Satanic Panic has hit San Dimas, sending Bill & Ted straight to Hell! There, they must play the game of their lives with their souls on the line! Bill the Squire and Ted the Bard gather their party-Joan of Arc, Aleister Crowley, Niccolò Paganini, and… Doctor Feelgood-and embark on their quest. But it’s not long before someone fails their saving roll versus DEATH! Plus, the secret origin of Chuck De Nomolos!

The first issue was a blast, totally capturing the vibe of the films. I think Bill and Ted translate really well. to the comic media, even without the music. I also enjoyed the back up strip featuring Chuck De Nomolos. All in all, this is a great little book.

Immortal X-Men #4

Immortal X-Men
Issue 4
Marvel Comics

Writer – Kieron Gillen
Artist – Michele Bandini
Colourist – David Curiel
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – Immortal X-Men #4 (Link)

A GALA PERFORMANCE! Emma Frost will do anything to protect the children, including the metaphorical child that is the Hellfire Gala. Last year’s was a fantastic success. She would not like it if someone ruined the second. She would not like it at all. But don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll go fine.

So much going on in this book. Gillen and previous artist Werneck, have created a interesting story focusing on the Quiet Council. Michele Bandini takes over art for the remainder of the run and I’m curious how his style will fit with what has already been established. Certainly, one of the best mutant books on shelves right now.

New Mutants #27

New Mutants
Issue 27
Marvel Comics

Writer – Vita Ayala
Artist – Rod Reis
Letterer – Travis Lanham

Buy on Comixology – New Mutants #27 (Link)

FALLING INTO THE LOOKING GLASS! With her Soulsword shattered, Magik spirals into unfamiliar territory as she confronts her legacy in Limbo—dragging Mirage and Wolfsbane down with her! And while Magik faces the demons of her past, present, and future…Madelyne Pryor inches closer to the throne.

Talking of great mutant books… This books continues to do great things with some of my favourite mutants. Of all the mutant books this is the one that really puts me in mind of the original run. Ayala is doing a great job finding the voice of all the characters and Reis is just doing some phenomenal work with the art. It’s just gorgeous.

Fantastic Four #45

Fantastic Four
Issue 45
Marvel Comics

Writer – Dan Slott
Artist – Farid Karami

Buy on Comixology – Fantastic Four #45 (Link)


Following the explosive events of the Reckoning War, the Marvel Universe has changed. We told you this was important. To see where all the pieces have fallen and what lies ahead, you’re going to want to read this one, Marvelite. The future awaits!


So I’m back for this one, just to see how the Reckoning War wraps up. But with Rachael Stott, now off art duties, this book is likely to drop off the Pull List for the time being. I hope Marvel does something interesting with their first family and I’ll check in over the next few issues to see what’s happening.


On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:

A.X.E.: Eve of Judgement #1

A.X.E.: Eve of Judgement #1

Marvel Comics

Writer – Kieron Gillen
Artist – Pasqual Ferry
Colourist – Dean White
Letterer- Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – A.X.E.:Eve of Judgement #1(Link)

FIRST SHOT FIRED—JUDGMENT IS COMING! The Eternals know that the mutants have conquered death. But what are they going to do about it? The oldest immortals on Earth eye up the newest, and the doomsday clock starts to tick toward Judgment Day.

X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1

X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1

Marvel Comics

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artists – Matteo Lolli, Kris Anka, Carlos Villa & Russell Dauterman
Colourist – Matt Wilson
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 (Link)

NEW TEAM REVEALED! At last year’s gala, mutants changed the face of the solar system, terraforming Mars and claiming it for mutantkind. Do you think you can afford to miss this year’s gala, all contained in this one over-sized issue!?

Captain Carter #4

Captain Carter #4

Marvel Comics

Writer – Jamie McKelvie
Artist – Marika Cresta
Colourist – Matt Milla
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – Captain Carter #4 (Link)

CAPTAIN CARTER ON THE RUN! Peggy and her dwindling list of allies just became prime targets for a sinister group operating at the highest levels of British society. Before she was Captain Carter, Peggy was Agent Carter…but can she rely on decades-old spy training to keep her alive in the modern world?

Barbaric: The Harvest Blades #1

Barbaric: The Harvest Blades #1

Vault Comics

Writer – Michael Moreci
Artist – Robert Wilson IV
Colourist – Addison Duke

Buy on Comixology – Barbaric: The Harvest Blades #1 (Link)

Like a punch in the privates, BARBARIC is back! Bloodier and more irreverent than ever. In this one-shot, Owen, the barbarian cursed to do good, is forced out of hiding and back to his old B.S.! A whole bunch of violence, ethically approved, of course, by his moral compass, the talking Axe! Find out for yourself why Entertainment Weekly, Thrillist, Screen Rant, and a whole bunch of other people called BARBARIC one of the best comics of 2021.

The first of many one-shots that further explore the world of Barbaric, whose second arc, Axe To Grind, arrives in July!


Ahoy There

Skybound Comet, the YA imprint of Skybound Entertainment, have released an early look at their upcoming title Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter by Mairghread Scott and Pablo Tunica.

What if you were destined to destroy the world? For Aella, life on Kinamen Isle is one of boredom. Spending her days fishing and minding her aunts, she dreams of life beyond the horizon.

Everything changes, however, when she awakens an ancient evil within herself as it’s revealed that she’s the reincarnation of Xir, the serpent that almost destroyed the world. Worse yet, a fanatical religious organization has arrived on Kinamen Isle in search of Xir.
As Aella is forced to fight for her life, she’ll discover that her entire world is not what it seems. Her aunts know more than they let on, and what exactly does the infamous Pirate Queen want with Aella?

The series stars Sofia Rosinsky, Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, and Fina Strazza as the four main paper girls, with Ali Wong appearing as the older version of Erin Tieng. I loved the comic and this teaser trailer looks pretty rad. So check it out when it airs on Amazon Prime on 29th July 2022.

This looks pretty great, so I will be checking this out on release.

Sea Serpent’s Heir Book One: Pirate’s Daughter arrives in comic shops and bookshops on October 18, 2022.

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