Tech Round-Up – It Goes up to 11

Hello and welcome to the inaugural tech round-up!

Each week I’ll be deep diving into the world of technology. Bringing back some new pearls from Birmingham and beyond! Let’s get started!

Windows goes up to 11

It’s like, 1 better, right? Back in the before times of 2015, when Windows 10 was released, Microsoft made heady claims that this would be their final operating system, Apparently not so now.

This new version, has a suspiciously Mac OS feel, with a centralised tool bar. It’s early days but I’m sure we shall see soon.

Rumours abound on the new pricing model, such as will it be a free upgrade for Windows 10 users? Will it be a subscription? and more. I for one will be watching the Microsoft reveal event on 2021/06/24 at 11am ET (4pm BST):

Windows 11 leaked

Or you know, you could look at it right now… Windows 11 Professional has already leaked with the Build 21996.1 ISO roaming free on the internet, as with all things.

Windows Central has a first impressions video which you can see below:

More importantly, Linus Tech Tips have tried gaming on it. Spoilers – it didn’t go well:

Intel XE Discrete GPUs Emerge in the wild

It wouldn’t be unfair to say that PC gamers have had an annus horriblis when they’ve been trying to acquire components. Nvidia was being accused of releasing vapourware GPUs in the form of the RTX 3070Ti (PcMag), just this week. Quite simply demand not being able to meet supply, because of, well, you know…

But here to save the day is Intel – with their new shiny XE dedicated GPUs launching to market. So far we’ve see two flavours, the Intel Iris Xe DG1. Which is aimed squarely at the budget end of the market and it’ll be interesting to see if it holds its own when the next wave of Zen 3 based Ryzen APUs get to market.

Steve (Tech Jesus) at Gamers Nexus, has an in-depth review linked below:

The big question left is when the High Performance (HPG) version drops, will it look as ‘gamer’ as the concept below?

(Image credit: Intel)

Tamagotchi – Now in smartwatch form!

The bane of late 90s and early 2000s schoolteachers across the globe is back, now in a Smartwatch!

You too can have the joys of reliving those early internet day. As you’re put in charge of the most demanding creature this side of a modern day Karen. PTSD for 90s kids as your forced to feed, play and clean up after its unrelenting schedule. It’s debuting In November this year and should be classed as more of an emotional harm weapon than anything…

No word on an international release. And that’s good as I feel we’ve slipped to far into the Black Mirror this past year as it is.

Big Fish, Little Fish, In a Box In a Box In a Box?

For those local to our fair city of Birmingham UK. There’s a new 4D interactive experience described as a world where gaming, VR, theatre and film collide. It’s an experience designed to play with your senses and captures your mind.

Located on Floodgate Street in trendy  Digbeth, Birmingham. In A Box, In A Box, In A Box is set to launch its first experience Chernobyl: Hidden Depths. Written by Hollywood screenwriter, Jeremy Drysdale (Line of Duty, The Game, Battlefield 2),

Visitors will be asked to complete a demanding mission, as they battle the elements to overcome the hazards in the dangerous radioactive plant. The participating team must rely on their wits and intelligence to solve the challenge through a series of puzzles. Which will facilitate their escape before either the mutated soldiers, or the radiation, gets them. 

The experience launches August 5th and tickets are available at https://www.inabox3.com/

(Image Credit: Microsoft)

Stupid spin off hardware of the week: Xbox Series Fridge

You know when tech giants make a good joke, then follow through and actually make the product? Well it’s happened twice. Revealed at E3 was the Xbox Series Fridge. The perfect device for keeping the ‘dew or your chosen variety of Game Fuel

And if that’s just not enough capacity for all those raw energy drinks and tendies. You can also win a full size edition at this link.

Prime Day

Yeas its on but go support your local retailer instead, like the lovely people at Box.

That’s it for this week’s edition. In the meantime I’ll leave you with this chilled Slo-Fi mix of Windows start-up sounds:

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