Review: WandaVision – Episode 3
CONTAINS SPOILERS for WandaVision, and the MCU to date.

Review – Episodes 1 & 2



Third episode and third decade, a pregnant pause along the way.

We open to a tune which is catchy enough to be in your head for the next few days, and the beloved trope of a montage to get us into that 70s Brady Bunch / All in the Family vibe. We do love a good hexagon here at Geeky Brummie too!

It feels criminal that we’re only getting 25 minutes a week. I’m hoping they take cues from the Mandalorian and have some varied episode length.

One thing I noticed at the start is the world is getting less and less real. We’ve gone from the full sets of the 50s & 60s to painted backgrounds (the hedge trimmer scene). Is this a sign that Wanda is losing concentration in keeping the sitcom reality intact?

Vision is putting things together but everything resets as we get close to the truth, and he has to get Dr Neilsen with speed.


We’re also introduced to our third animal of the series (Lobster in Episode 1, Rabbit in Episode 2): a Stork. This one seems to be unaffected by Wanda’s magic.  Curiously, it arrives at a similar time to when Agnes and her wiccan basket introduced the last two animals. Seems there may be something devilish about them…
Geraldine gets to share some of the limelight this episode, with more explanation of how she appeared in town, and why some of the other residents are curious. An unfortunate name mention seems to heave her and Wanda’s relationship into a new dimension

Things take a more sinister turn in the last 5 minutes. The laugh track stops and we return to the wider MCU, with the remembrance of Pietro (Quicksilver) and Wanda singing a lullaby in Sokovian. Our first glimpse of the world beyond Westview.
We’re finally getting closer and closer but the answers are also tantalisingly still out of grasp.  With the arrival of babies Tommy and Billy, it’s going to get a lot more interesting from here on in.
Music choices again are on point (these will be deducted if I hear a single bar of “Once in a Lifetime” next episode) and the acting is, again, stellar. I’m left with wanting more every episode, always a sign of a well paced show.
Roll on the 80s!

WandaVision is currently airing on Disney+

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