Review: WandaVision – Episode 9

Witches, and Visons, and SWORD! Oh my!

It’s the finale we’ve been waiting for. After multiple red herrings, dead cats (or should that be dogs) and other references to throw us off, our finale lead to a face off between our two witched, and two Visions.  This series has all been about duality and boy it was a treat to watch. The 432 minute runtime giving us two acts of quality on a par to the mid phase infinity stone run.

Review: WandaVision – Episodes 7 & 8

It’s a thoroughly Modern Family this week. After Wanda and Vision’s tiff last week, things aren’t as rosy as they’ve been in previous episodes. Wanda’s struggling with solo childcare and Vision is nowhere to be seen. Plus things are getting… …glitchy in Westview. Maybe Wanda’s not as in control as we expected her to be.

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