Review: WandaVision – Episode 6

CONTAINS SPOILERS for WandaVision, and the MCU to date.

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Halloween and Hexes

We seem to be blurring the decades this week, as we get the 90s and the turn of the millennium into one Halloween Spooktacular. Our title scene directly referencing the intro to Malcolm in the Middle (hands up who else was expecting the Friends parody?).

Yes, No, Maybe? I don’t know

Billy and Tommy have thankfully not had another growth spurt just yet. And we see our brother from another Marvel has been promoted to regular cast. The appearance of Pietro (Peter) last week was a fascinating reveal to those who’ve been keeping up with both MCU and other Marvel movies across the decades. There’s something still off, though. I have a funny feeling we’ll learn more about Pietro’s background across the next few episodes.

Funny that when Pietro arrives, no more animals are on the scene, huh? Anyway, he’s tasked with looking after his nephews whilst Vision goes on patrol, those little sons of devils…

As it’s Halloween this week, we get some nods back to Wanda’s and Vision’s classic looks

Classic Wanda – Kick Ass!

Meanwhile, outside the Hexagon, we get more on the ‘unblippening’ and Heywood’s instability. Is all going on as it seems? Maybe we could get some clarity of vision here. Our trio of Monica, Jimmy and Darcy are on the case.

Triple Trouble

As the kids are having fun, Vision wanders to the outskirts of town and finds a slower, quieter pace of life. Time for another ad break, this time riffing on the EXTREME Claymation ads so popular in the 90s, with a touch of Bill Plympton thrown into the mix. Lots of speculation online about this one as it’s not directly referencing a specific incident in Wanda’s past, unlike the previous ones.


Post ad break, time to return to Vision who stumbles across a ‘frozen’ Agnes all made up as a witch, whom he awakens and gets filled in on the current goings on in the town from her perspective.

After a jump scare, (it’s Halloween, there has to be one), and a bit of back and forth between Wanda and Peter back in the neighbourhood, Tommy and Billy get up to speed and feel something’s not right at the edge of town.

Wandavision has so far been some of the consistently best TV I’ve been watching the past few months. Every episode tantalises and teases for those with knowledge of the comic lore. At the same time, the knowledge is a burden as you keep expecting things to go one way and it subverts somewhere else.

Evan Peters is a great addition to the cast. I can’t wait for next week to have another look at the Modern Marvel Family, things just keep getting bigger and bigger!

WandaVision is currently airing on Disney+

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