Review: Wandavision – Episode 5

CONTAINS SPOILERS for WandaVision, and the MCU to date.

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The Family Ties that bind…

Big hair, plaid and denim, we’ve hit the 80s people. Things are getting complicated in the WandaVision household. With Tommy and Billy outside of Wanda’s influence and things slowly coming apart at the seams, Vision is getting closer and closer to realising things are amiss. The appearance of Agnes just raises his suspicions further.

With that, it’s onto the credits and possibly the most horrifying image that we’ve see from the MCU so far:

Don’t have nightmares…

Post credits, we get more backstory about how Wanda recovered Vision’s body and brought him to Westview nine days prior and Monica’s experiences under the hex. Plus, we get another animal: this time it’s a dog named Sparky. It’s just jam packed with references again. Agnes shows up with exactly the item required – always around with needful things.

Our new favourite trio (Monica, Darcy and Jimmy) are cooking up their own scheme on how to penetrate the walls of the hex, and working out the way Wanda’s matter manipulation works.

Take that 70s attire

Vision is off investigating on his own and checking in with his colleagues, especially seeing what Norm has to say. Whilst Wanda is off dealing with some drone-based business.

Sparky gets himself into some trouble on Agnes’s property. After that, Wanda tries to wrap things up but Vision isn’t having anything to do with it and we finally see some confrontation.

Rule 1: No flying in the lounge.

It’s interrupted by a knock at the door. Our longtime cameo is here and it’s someone who looks familiar, but at the same time not…

That ending really threw me, and a lot of those who enjoyed all previous Marvel, a curveball. It’s going to have a wider reaching impact across the whole MCU and it’s been a bit of a shock that it was introduced through what is probably one of those things some MCU fans might skip.

We’re now halfway through and it really feels like things are just getting going. The jigsaw is slowly being assembled and each piece is clicking into place with a reassuring solidity. I, like most fans, cannot wait for Episode 6. A week seems a long time to wait nowadays but each episode is making it worthy of it.

WandaVision is currently airing on Disney+

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