Review: Wandavision – Episode 4

CONTAINS SPOILERS for WandaVision, and the MCU to date.

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And we’re back… for an intermission?

For those awaiting the exposition dump, it’s the episode you’ve been wishing for. We get our first glimpses of SWORD and the MCU post events of Endgame, plus a few familiar faces from Phases past, especially for Thor and Ant-Man fans.

As established on prior Disney+ shows, we’re getting a varied length with a full extra 5 minutes compared to episodes past. And boy, do they make full use of them!

We get a recap of the events of the first three episodes from beyond the screen of Westview, and the investigation into just what is going on.

Who’s who?

It’s nice to see some fan favourites from the wider MCU pop up, and a good delve into Monica’s backstory, catching us up somewhat from the end of Captain Marvel. Plus the mystery aspect from what has happened to the town and as you know, Geeky Brummie loves a good hexagon, so we’re fans.

Monica Rambeau

I expected to be jolted straight into the 80s this week, so it was nice for the change in pace and to learn a little bit about the outside world.

The little time we got inside Westview was more of a coda to last week’s episode, maintaining the creepy vibe, and a rather frightening demonstration of Wanda’s power.

These are my angry arms

I’m really liking the pace of the show and how we’re still waiting for things to slot into place. Four episodes in and it’s still a mystery. Who knows where the remaining five (or maybe rumoured six) will take us? Perhaps the mid season trailer will gives us more of a glimpse?

WandaVision is currently airing on Disney+

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