Review: WandaVision – Episodes 7 & 8

CONTAINS SPOILERS for WandaVision, and the MCU to date.

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Any witch way but lose?

Episode 7

It’s a thoroughly Modern Family this week. After Wanda and Vision’s tiff last week, things aren’t as rosy as they’ve been in previous episodes. Wanda’s struggling with solo childcare and Vision is nowhere to be seen. Plus things are getting… …glitchy in Westview. Maybe Wanda’s not as in control as we expected her to be.

Thank heavens Agnes is always on hand to help out, right?

I mean, who wouldn’t want to take these two little demon spawn off of Wanda’s hands for awhile?

Meanwhile, Vision has run off to join the circus that’s come to town. It’s the perfect place for a costumed man but Vision has other ideas, and recruits some professional escapologist help to get himself free.

Cue many a jape as they steal a funnel cake van to get back to town. Their progress seems to be slower than expected though, almost like someone is slowing them down.

Elsewhere, Monica finds a way back in and heads off to break Wanda out of Westview but Agatha intervenes just in time to stop that.

Whilst at Agatha’s, Wanda notices something’s not quite right with the childcare and breaks every TV/movie rule and goes down into the basement alone…

The episode nails the Malcolm in the Middle / Modern Family vibe and again, Paul Bettany gets to continue flexing his comedy muscles and scenes continue to be stolen by Katherine Hahn. She’s really come to the fore in the past few episodes but you knew that all along. Her guiding hand has been great in steering the plot towards conclusion and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Episode 8

Talking of, this week is another exposition heavy set up right before the finale, through the power of magic, it’s a timeline episode!

After a bit of history to fill us in with Agatha (or is it Agnes? I forget), we learn about Wanda’s own history. Mainly her life traumas, starting with her childhood memories of watching classic US sitcoms with her family prior to the Stark bomb that changed it all for her and Pietro.

Then we go through to the Hydra experiments with the Infinity Stone awakening her magical powers, then the first tender moments of her budding relationship with The Vision at the Avengers compound, before they escape to Scotland for that deep fried kebab.

We also get to see Wanda’s point of view with the kidnapping of The Vision straight after the unblippening and the defeat of Thanos in Endgame and why she ends up in Westview. How does Wanda cope with all that heartbreak?

All setting us up nicely for the final episode, before a quick visit back to SWORD and a transition to white.

For those who’ve not been keeping up to date with the MCU, this is good episode to explain the heartbreak Wanda has suffered following the events of Infinity War / Endgame. The sitcom references are gone and we look to be approaching the final curtain?

As we enter the final episode, it feels like I’m experiencing double vision with so much going on. Here’s hoping on a feature length special to finish. It isn’t Christmas till the Sokovian lady sings, am I right?

WandaVision is currently airing on Disney+

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