Excalibur #NCBD 30th October 2019


New Comic Book Day with Excalibur.

Time to pick up some new comics from Worlds Apart Birmingham (formerly Nostalgia & Comics). These are Geeky Brummie’s picks of the comics available today from your local comic book store. I found it very difficult to separate my top picks this week but I finally went with Excalibur, as I’m so pleased to see Captain Britain back in a new book. The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer is a very close second and you should pick that up too. Why not bolster your reading list by checking out some of my previous choices in the videos at the bottom of the page.


Title: Excalibur

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Tini Howard – Writer : Marcus To – Artist : Mahmud Asrar – Cover Artist : Mark Bagley, Mike McKone, Michael del Mundo, Kris Anka & Jay Anacleto – Variant Cover Artist

The recent HoX/PoX story has shaken up the merry mutants of Marvel and now the Dawn of X is upon us. I missed out on last weeks Marauders book, which I must get on, but this week was the title I was most looking forward to. Brian Braddock has been popping up in books all over the Marvel Universe in recent years and as part of some major story-lines. Finally we get Captain Britain back but now quite in the way we expected. His sister, and one time X-Men, Betsy has been passed the Amulet of Right and taken over the mantle of Captain Britain. What does all this mean? What is happening to Brian, Meggan and the baby? Who will look after the lighthouse? Where is Pete Wisdom? Why is Apocalypse a member of Excalibur? I hope all of the questions and more will be answered in this mini series – which I hope will lead to a more regular place in the Marvel Universe for Captain Britain and his/her supporting cast. I’ve enjoyed what Tini Howard has been doing with another Marvel UK alumni, Death’s Head, so my hopes are high for this one.

From the Publisher:


Mutantkind has always been special…as has their relationship with the world—or WORLDS—around them. As this new era dawns, a new connection forms between mutants and the magic of the world… and that of Otherworld! Can the new Captain Britain forge a new way through the chaos with her companions Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Rictor…and Apocalypse?!?


Title: The Sandman Universe Presents: Hellblazer

Publisher: DC Black Label

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Simon Spurrier – Writer : Marcio Takara – Artist : Bilquis Evely – Cover Artist : Declan Shalvey – Variant Cover Artist

This week not only brings back Captain Britain but also another of my favourite British heroes – if hero is the right word – John Constantine. This is the newest addition to the Sandman Universe titles and the first to lose the Vertigo label, which is now replaced by the less exciting DC Black Label moniker. Simon Spurrier, who is soon to leave The Dreaming book, has been doing some amazing work conjuring up the world created by Neil Gaiman. This one-hot is setting things up for the new regular series later in the year. Constantine is the perfect fit for the Sandman Universe and if Spurrier’s take on the character is as delightful as his Dreaming run we are in for some gloriously dark times.

From the Publisher:

“The second year of the Sandman Universe begins with the long-awaited arrival of one of DC’s most iconic characters…John Constantine, Hellblazer!

He’s cheated death and damnation more times than he can count, but never like this. Long ago, in the crucible of a magical war waged across countless futures, Constantine was murdered by an all-powerful adversary: a twisted version of Timothy Hunter, bloated with evil.

But over the past year strange forces have conspired to restart Tim Hunter’s tale, and somehow-amid sorcery, insanity and secret agendas-this older, wiser, wilier shade of Constantine has been dragged back with it. Unlike young Tim, John remembers every second of a life that went very, very wrong. Now he must ask himself why he, the last person in the world to deserve a second chance, has been given one. Is John Constantine here to put Tim Hunter on the right track and avert a terrible outcome? Or is it because he’s the only person in existence with the guts to do what REALLY must be done? After all, he’s a nasty piece of work, chief…ask anybody.

This oversize one-shot sets the stage, and is the perfect jumping-on point, for a new era of Sandman Universe tales beginning in November…and is the official start of the strangest chapter yet in John Constantine’s long 

Round Up

There are some other great books out today including Silver Surfer: Black #5, Fantastic Four: Grand Design #1, DCeased #6, Death’s Head #4 and Basketful of Heads #1. All of these are well worth picking up if you haven’t already.



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