By Night #NewComicBookDay 13th June 2018

New Comic Book Day including By Night

It’s a very busy new comic book day and here are Geeky Brummie’s picks for the comics available from your local comic book store including By Night.

By Night


Title: By Night

Publisher: Boom! Studios

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: John Allison and Christine Larsen. Variant Cover by John Allison.

The latest limited series from Eisner-Award winning author John Allison with art by Christine Larsen. The comic focuses on aspiring documentarian and chemistry major Jane and her former best friend Heather as they explore a portal to another dimension. Expect monsters, magic and mayhem in a comic bound to be a hit with readers of all ages.


Title: The Magic Order

Publisher: Image

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel. Variant Cover by Adam Hughes.

This is the first of Mark Millar’s NETFLIX comics. A six issue limited series it tells the story of five families of magicians, who live among us by day but by night, project us from the forces of darkness.


Title: Marvel Rising Alpha

Publisher: Marvel

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Devin Grayson and Marco Failla. Cover by Gurihiru. Variant Covers by Rian Gonzales and Stacy Lee.

Following on from the free issue zero Marvel Rising earlier in the year, the Alpha one-shot re-teams Squirrel Girl and Ms. Marvel as a mysterious new super villain shows her face! We get to follow their exploits as they learn what it truly takes to become the next generation of Marvel heroes! This is a perfect issue for young readers taking their first steps into the Marvel Universe.


Title: Stellar

Publisher: Image

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Joseph Keatinge and Bret Blevins

I was a huge fan of Bret Blevins work on Marvels New Mutants so it’s great to see him return to comics with Stellar. Teaming with writer Joseph Keatinge to tell the tale of ultimate weapon turned bounty hunter Stellar, transporting us to another dimension, filled with crashed spaceships, fast-talking aliens and ageless wonders.

Title: Mage: The Hero Denied

Publisher: Image

Issue No.: 9

Creative Team: Matt Wagner

Continuing the final adventure of Kevin Matchstick, The Hero Denied is proving to be a fitting conclusion to the Mage trilogy. In this issue Kevin desperately searches for his family as the sinister Gracklethorns deal with their own family dilemmas.

Title: Kaijumax Season Four

Publisher: Oni Press

Issue No.: 1

Creative Team: Zander Cannon

Returning for its fourth season, Kaijumax finds Dr. Zhang, who is unable to scale back down to human size, entering the heretofore unseen female wing of Kaijumax. If you’re a fan of giant monsters and Ultraman then this is the comic for you.

We also recommend the following Trade Paperbacks released today –

Title: Dakota North – Design For Dying

Publisher: Marvel

Creative Team: Martha Thomases, Jim Owsley, Terry Austin, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, Tony Salmons, Steve Geiger, Whilce Portacio, Amanda Conner and Michael Lark.

Reprinting the mini-series from 1986 along with material from Dakota North’s appearances in other comics. Step back in time to relive the adventures of Marvels premiere supermodel turned private investigator.

Title: DC/YOUNG ANIMAL – Milk Wars

Publisher: DC

Creative Team: Steve Orlando, Gerard Way, Jody Houser, Cecil Castellucci, Jon Rivera, Aco, Ty Templeton, Mirka Andolfo, Langdon Foss, Dale Eaglesham and Nick Derrington. Cover by Frank Quitely.

What happens when the Doom Patrol meets the JLA? This collected edition of the recent series of cross-over issues sees our favourite Young Animal heroes battling distorted versions of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in order to defeat the evil RetConn corporation. Brilliant, bonkers and highly recommended for fans of comics at their most bizarre.

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