The GB Pull List – #NTYCBD A Very British Edition 13th May 2020


The Geeky Brummie Pull List with #NTYCBD British Edition.

Hello and welcome to another Pull List. In this edition I’ll be looking back at some comics I loved that may be new to you for New To You Comic Book Day – #NTYCBD. Where possible I’d like people to reach out to their local comic book store – a list of the big UK ones are at the bottom this post – and make a purchase from them. I will include a link to the books on Comixology/Amazon as an option where possible. Some books may be more difficult to track down but it’ll be worth having a look on eBay for those.

This week I’m going to pick three of the British comic series that had a massive impact on me as a reader. Everyone of these books belong in your collection.


Title: Hugo Tate

Publisher: Blank Slate Books

Written by Nick Abadzis : Art by Nick Abadzis
Genres : Coming of Age/Reality

Page Count : 192 Pages

Blank Slate Books Link – Hugo Tate

This book is also available via the SEQUENTIAL: Graphic Novels iPad app – download here

From the Publisher:

The long-awaited collection of Nick Abadzis’ first magnum opus, from the pages of Deadline magazine.Eighteen years after Hugo Tate drew to a close within the pages of Deadline, the comic’s entire six-year run is finally being collected in a single volume by Blank Slate.Beginning life in 1988 as an acerbic humour strip featuring an eponymous stick man protagonist living in a figuratively-drawn world, Hugo Tate evolved into an intelligent look into the lives of a complex web of characters stretching from London to New York and beyond.Described by The comics Journal as “Britain’s Love and Rockets“, this collection includes the critically-acclaimed final story arc O, America!, in which Hugo finds himself on a drug-fueled road trip across the nightmarish underbelly of the United States. Featuring a gallery of rare extras, all-new commentary from Abadzis and Deadline editor Frank Wynne, as well as a special introduction by Garth Ennis, there’s never been a better time to read – or revisit – this genuine modern classic.

Whilst Tank Girl was drawing all the attention elsewhere in Deadline, one strip spoke to me in a way that meant I’d remember it forever. Hugo Tate was Nick Abadzis first major work as a comic writer and artist. Abadzis perfectly captured that early twentysomething feeling of uncertainty and frustration, a time when you aren’t sure where you belong or what you should be doing. He starts out drawing Hugo and his world as simplistic lines and stick figures but over time moves to a more detailed and realistic style. But Hugo remains a blank, stick-figure face as the people and the world around him grow and mature. And this was something that really resonated with me. This book is truthful, heartfelt, endlessly relatable and, above all, incredibly readable even after all these years. A three page story where Hugo visits his father is one of the most emotional stories I have ever read and reduced me to tears. This book deserves more attention and whilst it is very British it should appeal to everyone who every wondered ‘why am I here?’. I consider Hugo one of my best friends, we haven’t spoken in a while but I’ll never forget him. I think you’ll like him too.

You can find out more about Nick’s work on his official web site at www.nickabadzis.com or follow him on Twitter @NickAbadzis




Title: The Bojeffries Saga

Publisher: Knockabout Comics

Written by Alan Moore : Art by Steve Parkhouse
Genres : Comedy/Science Fiction

Page Count : 98 Pages

Comixology Link – The Bojeffries Saga

From the Publisher:

Jobremus Bojeffries is like any other father — trying to keep the peace in a house stuffed with two kids (Ginda and Reth), uncles Raoul and Festus, a baby and old Grandpa Podlasp. Never mind that one’s a werewolf, one’s a vampire, Grandpa is in the last stages of organic matter, and the baby puts off enough thermonuclear energy to power England and Wales…

All right, they’re no ordinary family. And this is no ordinary book, with stories spanning decades, a whole chapter written as light opera, a Christmas episode, and an all-new 24-page comic bringing the Bojeffries up to the present day. On every page, the wry and anarchic creativity of the creators shines through: Alan Moore’s affectionate and penetrating grasp of human nature (and British culture) creates a kind of desperate poignancy in the characters, brought to memorable life by Steve Parkhouse’s deft and articulate line work.

It’s all there, untutored, unpolished, ramshackle and always on the edge of collapse. Very much like Britain itself.

I read The Bojeffries Saga when it was originally serialised in Warrior. It always stood out amongst the V for Vendetta and Axel Pressbutton strips. The bizarre social commentary of the early 80s from Moore coupled with the absolutely wonderful art of Parkhouse punched it’s way into my memory. This was the soap opera I could buy in to. This story is bizarre, crazy and totally British. At times reminiscent of Leo Baxendale, Giles and many other classic British newspaper strips this was the natural evolution of stories from the Beano and Dandy that entertained me as a child. Funny and satirical this is a great little series that has the perfect weird mix of humor, politics and horror I was craving. A time capsule of the age but somehow still has something to say today.




Title: DAN DARE – THE 2000 AD YEARS – VOL.1

Publisher: Rebellion

Written by Gerry Finley-Day, Ken Armstrong, Kelvin Gosnell, Pat Mills & Steve Moore : Art by Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Garry Leach, Ian Kennedy and Massio Belardinelli
Genres : Science Fiction
Page Count : 320 Pages

2000AD Shop Link – Dan Dare – The 2000AD Years – Vol.1

From the Publisher:


He was created by Frank Hampson in 1950, and first appeared in the Eagle comic where he was an instant hit with the British public. Almost a decade after the original series had ended, Dan Dare was resurrected in the pages of a brand new sci-fi comic for boys – 2000 AD!

Waking from suspended animation after two hundred years, Dan Dare faced an unfamiliar universe, filled with terrible new threats, but also included all too familiar ones, such as his old nemesis, The Mekon!

The first volume of this punk-fuelled space opera features stories from Pat Mills (Nemesis the Warlock), Steve Moore (Doctor Who) and Gerry Finley-Day (Rogue Trooper) with art by Massimo Belardinelli (Sláine) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen).

2000AD arrived in 1977. It stood about amongst the other British comics I was reading at the time. It contained stories and art that fired my youthful imagination. And it started a comic revolution here in the UK. Understandably Dredd quickly established itself as the stand out strip but there was something about this punk reinvention of the Pilot of the Future that I loved. I had some dealings with the original Dare but when 2000AD brought him back with art from Massimo Belardinelli it was like a bomb went off in my head. The stories themselves were slight, weird and ultimately the weakest part of the strip but that Belardinelli artwork was absolutely beautiful. Creepy, weird and visceral it just leaps off the page. Comic legend Dave Gibbons later takes over and delivers some sterling work but it’s those early Belardinelli pages that will stick with you. Probably best read in weekly installments, this probably hasn’t weathered as well as my other choices but I think it still deserves your attention to see how revolutionary 2000AD was in doing something different with comics.


My Pulls

With no new comics to buy this week what can you do in the meantime? Let your local comic shop know you are here for them. Contact them and see if they are still open, continue to pre-order titles, and use this as an opportunity to purchase one of my #NTYCBD suggestions, a new collection or back issues from them. Use one of the apps or websites below to see what’s due to be coming out soon and pre-order the titles you’re interested in, since, as of now, publishers still intend to release the comics that are not currently able to get to stores.

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