The GB Pull List – The Dreaming: Waking Hours 4th November 2020


The Geeky Brummie Pull List with The Dreaming: Waking Hours

A short pre-lockdown list this week where my pick of the week is The Dreaming: Waking Hours. Also out this week are the latest issues of Ultraman: The Rise of Ultraman and X-Men. In Meanwhile… we take a look at some more comic related news stories.

Now on with the comics…


Title: The Dreaming: Waking Hours

Issue: 4

Publisher: DC Black Label

Written by G. Willow Wilson : Art by Nick Robles : Coloured by Mat Lopes : Cover by Jeremy Wilson

Genres: Horror/Superhero

From the Publisher:

Ruin has traveled to Worlds’ End to seek help from the denizen of the Dreaming who set him free in the first place…unfortunately, Brute and Glob have followed him there-on the orders of Dream himself! And back in the Dreaming, Lindy has taken on the challenge of discovering who the “true” Shakespeare is, via a staging of the apocryphal play The Birth Of Merlyn. But when you tell a tale inside the Dreaming, it has a strange way of becoming very real indeed…

This series has been delightful. Taking its cue from Shakespeare’s previous appearances with the Lord of Dreams, Wilson is conjuring a magical story worthy of Neil Gaiman. Robles and Lopes are the perfect team to turn Wilson’s words into dream made real. If you’ve not yet sampled the delights of this series be sure to pick up this and all the previous issues as soon as you can.


Title: Ultraman: The Rise of Ultraman

Issue: 3

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written by Mat Groom & Kyle Higgins : Art by Francesco Manna : Cover by Jorge Molina

Genres: Action/Adventure/Superhero/Movies & TV

From the Publisher:

Overrun by Kaiju and pinned behind enemy lines, Kiki could really use the help of the newly merged Ultraman — but what went wrong with the merging process, and how will that impact our hero?
With that to deal with, Shin must also decide whom to trust — the benevolent-seeming but deeply secretive USP or the bitter whistleblower Dr. Yamamoto… And a wrong choice could cost him everything he holds dear!

Not quite hitting the heights of the live action iteration of the character, I’m still admiring the effort that has been put into this comic. The creators obviously have a love for Ultraman and his universe and I’m hoping to see big things in the remaining issues.


Title: X-Men

Issue: 14

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Written by Jonathan Hickman : Art by Mahmud A. Asrar : Cover by Leinil Francis Yu

Genres: Superhero

From the Publisher:

The Lovers. A Garden. A chasm of secrets.

Chapter 12 of X of Swords and yep, you guessed it, I’ve not caught up with the previous chapters. Luckily I’ve so far managed to avoid spoilers but this cover art doesn’t bode well for the merry mutants.






Beware the Shadowman

I was a big fan of Jon Davis-Hunt’s spectacular art on the recent DC Wild Storm book. His mastery of the form made that an incredible read so I was excited to hear he was working with Cullen Bunn on Shadowman from Valiant. The series was due to appear this year but has now been pushed back to 2021. Valiant have recently released these preview pages from the first issue and it looks amazing.

Terror will be unleashed this April in Shadowman #1.

New York Times bestselling writer Cullen Bunn and acclaimed artist Jon Davis-Hunt pull you into a world of horror and supernatural suspense as Jack Boniface, aka Shadowman, protects humanity from the nightmares that lurk within the dimension known as the Deadside… but the barrier between Earth and the horrifying realm is tearing and gateways are popping up all around the globe. The forces of darkness are hungry for life, and only Shadowman stands in their way.

Shadowman #1 by writer Cullen Bunn, artist Jon Davis-Hunt, colorist Jordie Bellaire, and letterer Clayton Cowles goes on sale April 2021 and features covers by Jon Davis-Hunt (Cover A), Rod Reis (Cover B), Dave Johnson (Horror Movie Homage Variant), and Jeff Dekal (1:250 Variant). The debut horror issue is available for pre-order now at comic shops.




Make sure you get your local comic shop to add this to your pull list.

Feel Like A Kid Again

For the last time this year the Galaxy’s Greatest comic has been handed over to  Tharg’s lil’ nephew, Jojo-Jargo, to present a series of stories designed to appeal to readers of all ages. 2000 AD gets the Regened makeover with these stories appearing in its pages –

CADET DREDD – TOOTH AND CLAW – Mike CarrollNicolo Assirelli, colours by Gary Caldwell, letters by Annie Parkhouse.

ABELARD SNAZZ – THE ONLY WAY IS UP – Paul Cornwell and Anna Readman, colours by Pippa Bowland, letters by Jim Campbell

VENUS BLUEGENES – THREAT LEVEL: ZERO – Liam JohnsonAneke, colours by Barbara Nosenzo, letters by Simon Bowland

FUTURE SHOCKS – FOR THE MAN WHO LIVES EVERYWHEN – Karl StockTom Newell, colours by John Charles, letters by Annie Parkhouse


ANDERSON, PSI-DIV – EARLY WARNING – Cavan ScottPaul Davidson, colours by Len O’Grady, letters by Simon Bowland

It’s a great line-up and is hopefully bringing new readers in to the fold. Check out these preview pages:


SHADOWMAN_01_PREVIEW_04 2000-ad-2206-9 2000-ad-2206-11 2000-ad-2206-12 2000-ad-2206-18

2000AD Regened Prog 2206 should be available from all good newsagents amd comics shops now.

2000AD Digital Schedule

In more 2000AD news, publishers Rebellion have seen a  massive increase in sales of digital graphic novels and comic books during 2020, so it’s exciting to hear of the books scheduled for digital-only release in 2021 to complement their packed print schedule. Most of these titles are either out of print or have never been collected in digital before, which is a great chance for fans around the world to check out classics they’d have no way of reading.

From demon-hunting robots to dinosaur-hunting cowboys, soul-hunting centurions to pirate-hunting time-travellers – Rebellion is pleased to announce a brand new series of digital-only 2000 AD collections for 2021!

Featuring work by Garth Ennis (PreacherThe Boys), Sean Phillips (CriminalReckless), Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk), John Wagner (Judge Dredd), Alan Grant (Batman), and Pat Mills (Marshal Law), the new series of digital collections will bring together thrills old and new – including some that have never been available digitally before!

The new digital releases will be available from the 2000 AD app for Apple, Android, and Windows 10 devices, as DRM-free PDF/CBZ downloads from the 2000 AD webshop, and on Amazon Kindle devices.

Ben Smith, Head of Film, TV and Publishing at Rebellion, said: “This new series of digital-only collections available from our app and webshop are a fantastic dive into 2000 AD’s incredible backlist. Our archives are bursting at the seams with hidden gems that have either never been collected or just haven’t been digitised before, so it’s great to be able to make them available. The advance of digital-only collections is that we can bring these classics direct to the readers without having to add even more books to our already bumper publishing schedule.”

The new digital-first schedule begins in January with a special edition of John Tomlinson and Simon Jacob’s Armoured Gideon, which features never-before-reprinted extra stories ‘No, No, Nanette’ from 2000 AD Prog 722, ‘Starhavon’s Edge’ from the 1990 2000 AD Sci Fi Special and ‘Making Movies’ from the 1992 2000 AD Sci Fi Special. Gideon is a mechanical ghost-buster from the abode of demons, dubbed ’The Edge’, who keeps the temporal plane clear of supernatural interference!

Old school fans will once again be able to dive into Tom Tully, John Richardson, Steve Dillon and Johnny Johnstone’s The Mean Arena, a brutal mix of rugby, football and all-out street brawls, devised by greedy promoters and played in evacuated towns where the possibility of death lurks around every corner!

The schedule includes three treats from the oeuvre of writer John Smith – post-apocalyptic fever dream Revere, dinosaurs-meet-Running Man Slaughter Bowl, and the stunningly beautiful environmental tale Firekind. And there are also modern series such as the latest collection of Ancient Roman soul-hunter Aquila by Gordon Rennie, Paul Davidson and Patrick Goddard; David Hine and Nick Percival’s body horror Dark Judges series, Torture Garden; and mutant bounty hunting with Durham Red by Alec Worley, Ben Willsher and Lee Carter.

The full 2021 digital schedule:

6 January     Armoured Gideon – John Tomlinson, Alan McKenzie (w) Simon Jacob, Sean Phillips (a)

3 February    Revere – John Smith (w) Simon Harrison (a)

3 March    The Mean Arena Volume 1: The Southampton Sharks – Tom Tully (w) John Richardson, Steve Dillon, Johnny Johnstone (a)

7 April        Flesh: Midnight Cowboys – Pat Mills (w) James McKay (a)

5 May        Time Flies – Garth Ennis (w) Philip Bond, John Beeston, Roger Langridge (a)

2 June        Slaughter Bowl – John Smith (w) Paul Peart (a)

7 July        Aquila Volume II: The Burning Fields – Gordon Rennie (w) Paul Davidson, Patrick Goddard (a)

4 August    Bad City Blue – Alan Grant (w) Robin Smith (a)

1 September    Firekind – John Smith (w) Paul Marshall (a)

6 October    Dark Justice: Torture Garden – David Hine (w) Nick Percival (a)

3 November     Tales from the Black Museum: Volume One – including John Wagner, Al Ewing, Dan Abnett, Simon Spurrier, John Smith, Alan Grant (w) Shaun Thomas, John Ridgway, Dylan Teague, Rufus Dayglo, Dean Ormston (a)

1 December    Durham Red: Born Bad – Alec Worley (w) Ben Willsher, Lee Carter (a)

Save Hellblazer


With only one regular issue left to go I’d like to remind everyone how magnificent this series is and how we shouldn’t allow DC to cancel it with issue 12. Sign the #SaveHellblazer petition here – Persuade DC Comics to continue the John Constantine: Hellblazer series

I hope that recent events depicted in Justice League Dark don’t have any bearing on this situation.



Your Local Comics Shops

Comic shops will be changing the way the operate again during lockdown 2.0 and comics will still be released and available. Use this list of comic stores around the UK to see who you can support and find out what mail order and click and collect services they will be offering.

So let your local comic shop know you are here for them.


Please check with store for any changes to opening times and services.

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