The Geeky Brummie Pull List – Best of Godzilla – 29th June

The Geeky Brummie Pull List with Best of Godzilla

Things calm down a bit this week with seven comics on the Pull List. Best of Godzilla from IDW Publishing is our Comic Of The Week, with the latest issues of Image!, What’s The Furthest Place From Here?, Good Boy, She-Hulk, The X-Cellent and X-Men: Red making up the rest of the main list. Although I featured it a few weeks ago, issue 2 of Eight Billion Genies, actually hits shelves today. In our On The Radar selection, we have comics from BOOM! Studios, Marvel and Image Comics. And MEANWHILE… returns this week too.

If you want to send any comics or comic related events we should feature, feel free to reach out to me at keith@geekybrummie.com.

Now on with the comics…

Best of Godzilla #1

Best of Godzilla
Issue 1
IDW Publishing

Writer/Artist – Various

Buy on Comixology – Best of Godzilla #1 (Link)

Since the dawn of the Cold War, one monster has reigned supreme-Godzilla! Now, in this first issue in a series of reprints that showcases some of the greatest Godzilla comic book stories ever told by a variety of superstar writers and artists, find out why Godzilla is the undisputed King of the Monsters. And at almost a hundred pages, this comic is nearly as gargantuan as its monstrous star!

Come on, it’s Godzilla! Of course this was going to be Comic Of The Week. This book is worth checking out if you’ve not seen any of the Big G’s comic adventures. A whole host of incredible creators have chronicled his tales, so this will be a worthy addition to any collection.

Image! #3

Issue 3
Image Comics

Writers – Kyle Higgins, Geoff Johns ,John Arcudi, Skottie Young, Patrick Kindlon, Brenden Fletcher, Wyatt Kennedy, Wes Craig, Dean Haspiel, Chris Giarrusso and Mirka Andolfo
Artists – Wes Craig, Dean Haspiel, Chris Giarrusso, Mirka Andolfo, Andrea Mutti, Maurizio Rosenzweig, Erica Henderson, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Luana Vecchio and James Harren

Buy on Comixology – Image! #3 (Link)

This issue features the latest installments of “The Blizzard” by GEOFF JOHNS & ANDREA MUTTI, “Red Stitches” by BRENDEN FLETCHER & ERICA HENDERSON, “Gehenna” by PATRICK KINDLON & MAURIZIO ROSENZWEIG, “Shift” by KYLE HIGGINS & DANIELE DI NICUOLO, and the final chapters of “Gospel for a New Century” by WYATT KENNEDY & LUANA VECCHIO, and “Hopeless” by MIRKA ANDOLFO. Plus! An all-new RUMBLE short by JOHN ARCUDI & JAMES HARREN, WES CRAIG’s KAYA, DEAN HASPIEL’s BILLY DOGMA, CHRIS GIARRUSSO’s G-MAN, and the continuation of “Stupid Fresh Mess” by SKOTTIE YOUNG!

Image are really nailing it with their 30th anniversary celebrations. This anthology is a great little package, that really shows off why the company has endured for so long. Something for everyone.

What’s The Furthest Place From Here #7

What’s The Furthest Place From Here?
Issue 7
Image Comics

Writer – Matthew Rosenberg
Artist – Tyler Boss

Buy on Comixology – What’s The Furthest Place From Here #7 (Link)

THIS IS HOW IT ALL BEGAN! A look back at the night known as “Cityfall” finds a father on the run with his children, but the road can only take you so far. And as one society collapses, another begins to form. But what role do the Strangers play in both?

Just when we thought we we getting somewhere, this issue takes us back to where it all started. I like the idea of taking a detour like this to flesh out the world and I can’t wait to see how this might change the way we look at the events we’ve already seen.

Good Boy Vol. 2 #2

Good Boy Vol. 2
Issue 2
Source Point Press

Writers – Christina Blanch and Garrett Gunn
Artist and Colourist – Kit Wallis
Designer and Letterer – Dave Lentz

Buy from Forbidden Planet – Good Boy Vol. 2 #2 (Link)

Enter: The Demon Dogs!

In the aftermath of the The Farm attack, Flint lends a hand to the victims of the desecrated sanctuary. Abraham reveals the identity of the mystery attacker, and the Demon Dogs prepare for their return to war, once more.

It’s John Wick but with him and the dog reversing roles. What’s not to love about that. This book is now forging its own tale and I love the art.

She-Hulk #4

Issue 4
Marvel Comics

Writer – Rainbow Rowell
Artist – Luca Maresca
Colourist – Rico Renzi
Letterer – Joe Caramagna

Buy on Comixology – She-Hulk #4 (Link)

Super Fight Club is here and She-Hulk isn’t going to break the rules. Good thing Rainbow Rowell and Rogê Antônio are going to break the first rule and talk about it just for you. Jennifer Walters never promised (us) not to break rules at her day job. Rule #1? No super hero clients. 


This is turning out to be a great little run for Jennifer. Rainbow Rowell really knows her stuff and I’m enjoying ever minute of it.

The X-Cellent #4

The X-Cellent
Issue 4
Marvel Comics

Writer – Peter Milligan
Artist – Michael Allred
Colourist – Laura Allred
Letterer – Nate Piekos

Buy on Comixology – The X-Cellent #4 (Link)


ZEITGEIST’S CRAZY FAN CLUB! Zeitgeist recruits two new members for the X-Cellent! Meet their new teleporter Whoosh! And the incredibly handsome Fluff! But will these two turn out to be team players? Or will they be the latest in a long line of adversaries for Zeitgeist?

It’s weird and nuts and I love it. This is a magnificent series and really rewards readers of X-Static. Milligan and the Allred’s are a match made in heaven. Read it and you’ll fall for it too.

X-Men: Red #4

X-Men: Red
Issue 4
Marvel Comics

Writer – Al Ewing
Artists – Juann Cabal, Andrés Genolet and Michael Sta. Maria
Colourist – Federico Blee
Letterer – Ariana Maher

Buy on Comixology – X-Men: Red #4 (Link)

THE MARTIAN WAY OF DEATH! Recent revelations threaten to profoundly alter the Destiny of X—and Arakko isn’t immune from the fallout! With the clock ticking down to interstellar war, STORM faces a Galactic Illuminati… MAGNETO attends a meeting of his own that might decide both their fates…and ROBERTO DA COSTA ponders a recent return from the grave alongside the strangest guest star of all!

Al Ewing expands on his previous X work and is delivering a wonderful story. I can’t believe how strong the X-Men books are right now, but with creators like Al onboard it’s hardly surprising. Excellent stuff.

Eight Billion Genies #2


Eight Billion Genies
Issue 2
Image Comics

Writer – Charles Soule
Artist – Ryan Browne

Buy on Comixology – Eight Billion Genies #2 (Link)

EIGHT BILLION GENIES have appeared on earth with one wish for everyone on the planet. We’ve seen the first eight seconds after the genies arrived, and the first eight minutes-now brace yourself for the first eight hours, when many insane and foolish and wonderful wishes are made, and our heroes (a group of lovely people stuck in a dive bar in Detroit) try to survive the growing wishpocalypse!.

This is a brilliant concept. What would happen if everyone in the world was given one wish. The first issue set up this very idea in a marvellously delightful way, with all the twisted results you would expect. We are following a group trapped in a bar, unaffected by the wishpocalypse going on outside. How will they cope and wha kind of a world we await them if and when they leave. Soule and Browne are firing on all cylinders here and I love this as much as Cursed Words already. Don’t miss it.


On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:



BOOM! Studios

Writers – Matt Kindt and Keanu Reeves
Artist – Ron Garney and Bill Crabtree

Buy on Comixology – BRZRKR #9 (Link)

The stunning conclusion of the blockbuster series begins here!

Discover a brand new story arc that finally reveals the long-hidden secrets of B.’s past… and uncovers shocking new revelations that will change his future forever!

From the ancient mysteries of his origins to the present-day machinations of Caldwell’s master plan… B.’s entire journey has been leading to this moment.

From superstar Keanu Reeves, NYT bestselling writer Matt Kindt, and acclaimed artist Ron Garney comes the final chapter of the epic story that’s sold over a million copies!

The Variants #1

The Variants #1

Marvel Comics

Writer – Gail Simone
Artist – Phil Noto
Letterer – Cory Petit

Buy on Comixology – The Variants #1 (Link)

What would it really be like to meet an alternate version of yourself, another you who had made different choices and lived a completely different life as a result? That’s the question facing Jessica Jones, as what seemed like a routine investigation instead has her encountering other incarnations of herself from across the Multiverse. Can Jessica get along with herself? Will she want to kill her other selves? And will seeing the lives she could have led drive her into a self-destructive spiral? This is what happens when you meet…the Variants!

Public Domain #1

Public Domain #1

Image Comics

Writer and Artist – Chip Zdarsky

Buy on Comixology – Public Domain #1 (Link)

Syd Dallas is responsible for pop culture’s greatest hero: THE DOMAIN! But his sons Miles and David have a complicated relationship with both the creation and their creator. Can they convince their dad to fight for their family’s legacy?

This fun and heartfelt series written and illustrated by Eisner winner CHIP ZDARSKY (SEX CRIMINALS, Daredevil) explores a WILD ALTERNATE WORLD where comic book creators aren’t properly acknowledged or compensated for their creations!! Crazy, I know!! 

Hi, it’s me, CHIP! I’m writing this solicitation!


New Hiya 2000AD Figure Announced

He’s the madman who appointed a goldfish as his deputy and sentenced an entire city to death for defying his megalomaniacal will – Chief Judge Caligula is the latest Judge Dredd figure to be announced by Hiya Toys!

Rebellion and Hiya Toys are proud to unveil the latest in the brand new range of 1:18 PVC action figures based on the world of Judge Dredd.

Cal was the head of the feared Special Judicial Squad, the Judges who judge the Judges! After staging a coup by framing Judge Dredd and assassinating the Chief Judge, Cal became increasingly despotic and erratic, hypnotising Judges to follow his orders, appointing a fish as his deputy, circling the entire city with a mile-high wall, sentencing the entire population to death, and using alien Klegg warriors to enforce his tyrannical rule. He was eventually defeated by Dredd, a ragtag band of renegade Judges and Academy of Law tutors, and Fergee – a giggling, fly-swarmed, baseball bat-swinging denizen of the Undercity!

But When?

Due for release in the fourth quarter of 2022, this poseable figure with 16 points of articulation is dressed in Cal’s Chief Judges’ uniform, including oversized torso shield and cape. He also comes with a scale model of Deputy Chief Judge Fish encased inside his ornately decorated goldfish bowl, and two swappable heads – one displaying the smug grin of a tyrant, the other an open-mouthed scowl about to deliver a cruel outburst that could easily condemn millions more to death!

Cal is the next in the brand new range of fully poseable 1:18 figures announced in November 2021, drawing on more than four decades of ground-breaking comic books set in the world of the classic character created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1977.

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