The Geeky Brummie Pull List – Batman ’89 – 13th April

The Geeky Brummie Pull List with Batman ’89

Batman ’89 from DC Comics takes the Comic of the Week title this week. X-Men from Marvel Comics, Shadowman from Valiant Comics and debut issue of Image! from Image Comics, make up the rest of my list. We also have three great comics to look out for On The Radar also from Marvel and Dark Horse Comics. In MEANWHILE… we take a look at the new Easter Special edition of Monster Fun and two new 2000AD figures from Hiya Toys.

If you want to send any comics or comic related events we should feature, feel free to reach out to me at keith@geekybrummie.com.

Now on with the comics…

Batman ’89 #5

Batman ’89
Issue 5
DC Comics

Writer – Sam Hamm
Artist, Cover Artist – Joe Quinones
Colourist – Leonardo Ito
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – Batman ’89 #5

Harvey Dent enacts his plans for Gotham! He’ll overthrow the Batman and assume his rightful place as its guardian. As Batman works to stop his friend Harvey, he finds himself vastly outnumbered by the forces at Harvey’s disposal. He’ll need to turn to some unlikely allies if he’s going to turn the tide in his favor to protect his city and save his friend!

Here we are at the penultimate issue of this fabulous series. The whole team have done a great job of capturing the feel of the Tim Burton film, which is to be expected as Sam Hamm was the writer of the first film. Quinones has been producing some of the best art of his career and every page has been beautiful to look at. I hope this particular Bat-book hasn’t got lost amongst the plethora of other titles because this really has been something special, and just check out this cover.

X-Men #10

Issue 10
Marvel Comics

Writer – Gerry Duggan
Artist – Javier Pina
Colourist – Marte Gracia
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

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DEATH STRIKES SWIFTLY! The X-Men’s troubles just keep piling one on top of the other and now an old enemy steps forward to cut in on the dance!

Solid stuff from the main X-title here. As we now head into the Judgement Day storyline and Immortal, Red and Green X-Men move us into the second Krakoan age, it’ll be a shame to see this iteration of the team bow out.

Shadowman #8

Issue 8
Valiant Comics

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist – Pedro Andreo
Cover Artist- Jon Davis-Hunt

Buy on Comixology – Shadowman #8

Shadowman, with the assistance of Punk Mambo and the Abettors, fight to stop the Deadside as the blights get closer to covering all of Earth. Valiant’s mightiest heroes are caught up in her wake. Can Shadowman exorcise the Deadside back to its dimension or will the blights change the landscape of the Valiant Universe forever?

Wow, we’re already at the end of the second story arc. This issue looks to have implications for the wider Valiant Universe. This had been a great run and Pedro has impressed on art duties, which is no mean feat, having to follow Jon Davis-Hunt. Hopefully Shadowman will return soon for a third arc, as I’ve really enjoyed this series.

Image! 30th Anthology #1

Image! 30th Anthology
Issue 1
Image Comics

Writers – Kyle Higgins, Geoff Johns, Brenden Fletcher, Wyatt Kennedy, Skottie Young, Mirka Andolfo and Declan Shalvey
Artists – Skottie Young, Declan Shalvey, Mirka Andolfo, Andrea Mutti, Babs Tarr, Daniele Di Nicuolo and Luana Vecchio

Buy on Comixology – Image! 30th Anthology #1

SERIES PREMIERE! Celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Image comic with a year-long parade of all-new stories from some of the biggest and best names in comics! 

Featuring a combination of ongoing serials and standalone short stories, this inaugural issue kicks off with the first chapters of two 12-part stories: “The Blizzard” by GEOFF JOHNS & ANDREA MUTTI and “Red Stitches” by BRENDEN FLETCHER & BABS TARR-plus the opening installments of a trio of three-parters: “Gospel for a New Century” by WYATT KENNEDY & LUANA VECCHIO, “Loop / Hopeless” by MIRKA ANDOLFO, and “Shift” by KYLE HIGGINS & DANIELE DI NICUOLO. Plus plus! A first look at DECLAN SHALVEY’s upcoming OLD DOG series and an original ongoing comic strip by SKOTTIE YOUNG!

I really enjoyed the recent Skybound X series and it’s great to see Image embrace another anthology book. There looks to be plenty of great stuff appearing over the next 12 issues as Image continues to celebrate its 30th Anniversary. Highlights in this issue include the first look at Declan Shalvey’s Old Dog series.


On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:

Captain Carter #2

Captain Carter #2

Marvel Comics

Writer, Cover Artist – Jamie McKelvie
Artist – Marika Cresta
Colourist – Erick Arciniega
Letterer- Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – Captain Carter #2

“WOMAN OUT OF TIME” CONTINUES! Captain Carter is back, and now the whole world knows it! Reeling from her new celebrity status, Peggy teams up with S.T.R.I.K.E. to investigate the sudden resurgence of Hydra, but something doesn’t feel quite right. Can Peggy trust what she’s being told, or is someone trying to use her as a high-profile pawn in a game she doesn’t yet understand?

X-Men ’92: House of XCII #1

X-Men ’92: House of XCII #1

Marvel Comics

Writer – Steve Foxe
Artist – Salvador Espin
Colourist – Israel Silva
Letterer – Joe Sabino

rtist – Jim Rugg

Buy on Comixology – X-Men ’92: House of XCII #1

THE ’90s ARE BACK—AGAIN! Everyone’s favorite ’90s incarnations of the X-Men have returned…but this time, everything is even all-newer and all-more different! Mutantkind is taking a huge leap forward by founding their own nation on the island of Krakoa, guided by Professor X, Magneto, and a mysterious long-lived woman who knows more than she should. That’s right—the ’90s X-Men are tackling the Krakoan Age thirty years early…and it’s NOT going to go the way you expect!

Radio Spaceman #2

Radio Spaceman #2

Dark Horse Comics

Writer – Mike Mignola
Artist, Cover Artist – Greg Hinkle

By on Comixology – Radio Spaceman #2

The horrors at the mysterious temple escalate as Gargooom makes his presence known! Radio Spaceman and the formerly captured doctor attempt to make their escape, but an unexpected third party has emerged from the wreckage of the crash that began their adventure.


Monster Fun for Easter

Monsters, mischief, and mayhem galore! Nostalgia to hit UK parents as classic comic Monster Fun is reimagined for a new generation of young readers.

With nostalgia for comic book characters from the past at an all-time high, and children’s graphic novels, Manga and US comics selling in record numbers in the UK and beyond, it is fitting that MONSTER FUN – Britain’s kookiest, legendary comic anthology – RETURNS after more than 30 years since its last issue, with BRAND NEW characters and stories to thrill a new generation of readers!

Monsters, mischief, and mayhem galore! Nostalgia to hit UK parents as classic comic Monster Fun is reimagined for a new generation of young readers.

With nostalgia for comic book characters from the past at an all-time high, and children’s graphic novels, Manga and US comics selling in record numbers in the UK and beyond, it is fitting that MONSTER FUN – Britain’s kookiest, legendary comic anthology – RETURNS after more than 30 years since its last issue, with BRAND NEW characters and stories to thrill a new generation of readers!

Combining original monsters and creatures that have been brought to life for the very first time, alongside classic characters from the past that have been modernised for young readers, this hilarious comic reflects what children of today absolutely love; from spooky social media antics, to pop culture references, and even an internet-inspired love for cats. The result? This new, modern Monster Fun is now ready to excite, delight, and fright readers of all ages in fang-tastic fashion, whilst pulling at the nostalgic heartstrings of parents who grew up reading the same titled comic decades before.

Tell Me More

“Our talented team have created a comic that’s just right for children aged 8-13; filled with the characters they’ll love!” says Rebellion CEO and Publisher Jason Kingsley O.B.E. “This includes new characters, as well as classic ones from the past reinvented for today’s young readers. Some parents will have been fans of these characters many years ago, so it’s exciting that families can share their nostalgia and these reinvented characters alongside the new ones, in completely new stories that they can read and love together. Reading should be fun for all, and comics help build and improve reading skills.”

Across 32 pages in each issue, children will read comic strip adventures featuring Frankie SteinKid KongDraculassSteel Commando, the Hire A Horror crew and more – including The Leopard from Lime Street, one of Britain’s best loved Super Heroes! Reinventing these characters for a modern audience has been no easy task, with Monster Fun assembling an incredible list of contributors in each issue; from stalwarts of the UK comic industry Simon Furman (Transformers) and Ned Hartley (BananamanSpider-Man), to incredible talent and rising stars, such as Chris Garbutt (Netflix’s Pinky Malinky) and Juni Ba (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).

“We’re thrilled to be launching Monster Fun this April – and now is absolutely the right time to do it!” says Monster Fun Editor Keith Richardson, “The last few years have been really tough for everyone, but especially children who have had to leave the classroom, not mix with friends, and for the younger ones not really understanding why. Monster Fun is here to hopefully mark the end to that. Perfect to pack in a school bag and share with a friend in the playground, we’re hoping Monster Fun spreads some joy, some laughter, and puts a smile on every reader’s face!”

Out Now

Starting with an Easter-themed issue, and running bi-monthly after that, Monster Fun will celebrate all the exciting moments in children’s lives throughout the year, including Summer Holidays, Back to School, and, of course, Halloween! Providing spooky thrills all year round, Monster Fun will help to foster a love for reading in children, even those more reluctant to read, whether they are at home, at school, or on the go.

The first issue of Monster Fun lands on newsstand shelves on 6th April 2022, with annual subscriptions available online which also include exclusive free gifts.

Hiya from Cassandra and Klegg

She’s the psychic future cop who’s saved Mega-City One from ghosts, ghouls, and the walking undead, while the other is an alien mercenary who likes to be paid in meat – Judge Cassandra Anderson and a Klegg warrior are the next Judge Dredd figures from Hiya Toys.

Rebellion and Hiya Toys are proud to unveil the latest in the brand new range of 1:18 PVC action figures based on the world of Judge Dredd, from the pages of the bestselling comic British comic, 2000 AD!

With her powerful psychic abilities and irreverent wit, Judge Anderson is one of 2000 AD’s biggest characters – the perfect foil for Judge Dredd since her debut in 1981 but so popular she soon broke out into her own series. Co-created by writer John Wagner and legendary artist Brian Bolland (Batman: The Killing JokeCamelot 3000), and immortalised by actor Olivia Thirlby in the 2021 movie Dredd, Anderson brings her special power to patrolling the mean streets of Mega-City One.

And the fearsome Kleggs are alien mercenaries brought to Earth by the murderous tyrant Chief Judge Cal. Driven from the Kara System and available to the highest bidder, they are brutal warriors who fight for the joy of killing and take payment for their services in flesh. Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland in 1978, they were used by Cal to maintain his despotic control of Mega-City One but were sent packing by Judge Dredd back into the uncaring cosmos!

Come Get Some

Releasing in the fourth quarter of 2022, both figures come with sixteen points of articulation. Anderson also comes with her Lawgiver gun and ‘Daystick’ billy club, and the Klegg comes with a long blaster rifle. The figures will come shipped in attractive protective cardboard window boxes.

They are the next in the brand new range of fully poseable 1:18 figures announced in November 2021, drawing on more than four decades of ground-breaking comic books set in the world of the classic character created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1977.

Due to pressure on international shipping caused by the pandemic, the Judge Dredd and Judge Death 1:18 figures are now due to ship Q2 2022, Judge Mortis will ship in Q3 and Dredd’s iconic motorbike, the Lawmaster, will be available as a set to order from Q2 2022 and hit shelves in Q4 2022.

The 1:18 line will be followed by a 1:12 (six-inch) line with Judge Dredd (available to order from Q2 2022), Judge Death (available to order from Q3 2022), Judge Fear (available to order from Q3 2022) and Judge Mortis (available to order from Q4 2022).

Your Local Comics Shops

Your local comic shops are now open and you can pop in for your geek fix. Listed below are some of the best shops across the county with links to check the very latest information including opening time and covid safety measures. Therefore, when visiting these shops please be patient and respectful to all the staff who are doing an incredible job.


Please check with stores for any changes to opening times and services.

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FORBIDDEN PLANET (VARIOUS) – includes Birmingham Megastore

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http://www.okcomics.co.uk/ and https://twitter.com/OKComics


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