The Geeky Brummie Pull List – Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – 25th May

The Geeky Brummie Pull List with Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

It’s another huge Geeky Brummie Pull List this week. First up is Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, from IDW and BOOM! Studios which is our Comic of the Week once again. We have seven, yes seven, other books on the Pull List this week, from a mix of publishers. We also have another two more great comics to look out for On The Radar also from Marvel and Image Comics. So, that’s an incredible ten comics to check out this week.

Finally, in MEANWHILE… we check out the latest two releases from Markosia Press and take a look at the Hiya Toys Lawmaster due later this year.

If you want to send any comics or comic related events we should feature, feel free to reach out to me at keith@geekybrummie.com.

Now on with the comics…

Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3

Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Issue 3
IDW Publishing/BOOM! Studios

Writer – Cullen Bunn
Artist, Cover Artist, Variant Cover Artist – Freddie Williams II

Buy on Comixology – Godzilla vs Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3 (Link)

From IDW Publishing and Boom! Studios, two titanic powers collide in an intercompany crossover event you never expected… but one that makes complete sense!

Everyone reading this series is expecting a team-up, and here it is! Only, this might not be what they had in mind! What’s worse than a villainous monster from the Godzilla universe? Villainous monsters from the Godzilla and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers universes! And they’re joining forces to destroy the Power Rangers!

Written by superstar scribe Cullen Bunn (Godzilla: Cataclysm) and illustrated by artist extraordinaire Freddie Williams II (Batman/TMNT)!

This is a sensational series. This book is rewarding for long time fans but remains accessible for new readers. The biggest thing for me about the book is the art. Freddie Williams II is bringing his A-game to the series. Williams II delivers with both the explosive battles and the smaller emotional scenes. Every page is a delight and I highly recommend this book.

Legion of X #1

Legion of X
Issue 1
Marvel Comics

Writer – Simon Spurrier
Artist – Jan Bazaldua
Colourist – Federico Blee

Buy on Comixology – Legion of X #1 (Link)

PEACE, LOVE AND JUSTICE TO KRAKOA! Krakoa has its laws—but does it have justice? To remain a mutant sanctuary, Krakoa must safeguard itself against those who would damage its peace or traumatize its people. The lost must be found, and the wicked must face redemption—or retribution.

It’s up to the ever-soulful swashbuckler NIGHTCRAWLER to keep the spark alive and LEGION to host his unique team in the psychedelic mindspace called THE ALTAR. With PIXIE on point, JUGGERNAUT as a one-man riot squad and a host of X-favorites on the beat, the LEGION OF X will do anything to protect mutants’ right to pursue happiness and hope.

Kicking off with a hunt for a missing Arakkii god and a skinjacker possessing innocent mutants, read this issue and come meet WEAPONLESS ZSEN, ORA SERRATA…and a villain worth praying for. The DESTINY OF X bares its heart and soul right here!

Si Spurrier is one of those writers I have to follow. I was a massive fan of his Hellblazer run and Way of X was one of the most interesting of the recent X books. Here, Nightcrawler and Legion reunite to police the mutant nation. I have high hopes for this series and I’m sure it will deliver.

Image! #2

Issue 2
Image Comics

Writers – Kyle Higgins, Geoff Johns, Skottie Young, Patrick Kindlon, Brenden Fletcher, W. Maxwell Prince, Wyatt Kennedy, Chris Giarrusso, Mirka Andolfo and Wes Craig
Artists – Wes Craig, Chris Giarrusso, Mirka Andolfo, Andrea Mutti, Martin Morazzo, Maurizio Rosenzweig, Erica Henderson, Daniele Di Nicuolo and Luana Vecchio

Buy on Comixology – Image! #2 (Link)

The celebration of Image Comics’ 30th anniversary continues with the second issue in a 12-issue anthology, featuring all-new stories by some of the biggest and best names in comics!

This issue features the second chapters of two 12-part stories: “The Blizzard” by GEOFF JOHNS & ANDREA MUTTI and “Red Stitches” by BRENDEN FLETCHER & ERIC HENDERSON, plus the second installments of three shorter serials: “Gospel for a New Century” by WYATT KENNEDY & LUANA VECCHIO, “Hopeless” by MIRKA ANDOLFO, and “Shift” by KYLE HIGGINS & DANIELE DI NICUOLO.

Plus! An all-new ICE CREAM MAN short story by W. MAXWELL PRINCE and MARTÍN MORAZZO, the beginning of WES CRAIG’s KAYA, the opening installment of a 10-part serial by PATRICK KINDLON & MAURIZIO ROSENZWEIG, and the continuation of the all-new ongoing comic strip by SKOTTIE YOUNG!

Long term readers will know I love an anthology book and the first issue of Image! was a smash. This is a fantastic way of celebrating the 30th anniversary of Image Comics. With its mix of long established hits and new treats, there is something for everyone. If you’ve yet to experience the wider Image universe this would be a great place to start.

Adventureman #9

Issue 9
Image Comics

Writer – Matt Fraction
Artists, Cover Artists – Terry Dodson and Rachel Dodson

Buy on Comixology – Adventureman #9 (Link)

“THE CHAINS HE FORGED IN LIFE” Claire—like any decent Adventureman—teams up with Crossdraw—y’know, the ghost-hunting super cowboy?—to get to the bottom of the Ghost Gang’s terrifying return to New York City.

I’m having a bundle of fun with this rip-roaring pulp adventure. The lush art of Terry and Rachel is the perfect accompaniment to Matt’s spot on homage to heroes of the past. If you love a good story with characters to root for, this one is definitely a comic to add to your pull.

Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #5

Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines
Issue 5
Image Comics

Writer – Kurt Busiek
Artist, Cover Artist – Carlos Pacheco
Inker – Jose Villarrubia
Colourist – Rafael Fonteriz
Letters – Comicraft’s Tyler Smith and Jimmy Betancourt

Buy on Comixology – Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines #5 (Link)

Fletcher and Guy find shelter (and more) within a mountain trollhome. Plus: the truth about the Peace of Charlemagne, which brought about this modern world of magic and folklore.

Here we are at the penultimate issue of this lovely little series. Arrowsmith has returned after a long hiatus without missing a step. A great story full of mystery and intrigue with superbly detailed art, this series has been worth the wait.

Radiant Red #3

Radiant Red
Issue 3
Image Comics

Writer – Cherish Chen
Artist, Cover Artist – David Lafuente
Colourist, Cover Artist – Miquel Muerto
Letterer – Diego Sanches

Buy on Comixology – Radiant Red #3 (Link)

The new job approaches and planning commences. There’s just one problem: Satomi can’t do what they need her to do. She’d better work it out fast, though, because when her home life and her new career both threaten to come crashing down, Satomi will be forced to decide: which does she want to save more?

Expanding your comic book universe out into multiple spin-off series can be tricky, but the creators of Radiant Black have succeeded. Radiant Red has taken one of the supporting characters and fleshed out their story in a most satisfying way. Having one of my favourite artists on board has also helped me enjoy this series and I’m curious to explore the wider universe of these fun characters.

Good Boy Volume 2 #1

Good Boy Volume 2
Issue 2
Source Point Press

Writers- Christina Blanch and Garrett Gunn
Artist – Kit Wallis
Letterer – Dave Lentz

Buy from Forbidden Planet – Good Boy Volume 2 #1 (Link)

With revenge in his rearview mirror, Flint heads for The Farm; a peaceful community for retired and deactivated Guild members. But his dreams are short-lived when he finds the facility in rubble after an attack by a mysterious canine named Tucker who will stop at NOTHING to repay a decades old vengeful debt.

After last weeks Director’s Cut, Good Boy returns for the sequel. I’m curious how closely this volume will mirror the established John Wick story. Will the mythologies of the world be expanded upon and new characters introduced? Whatever happens, I’m here for Flint and his anthropomorphic pals.

The Amazing Spider-Man #2

The Amazing Spider-Man
Issue 2
Marvel Comics

Writer – Zeb Wells
Penciller, Cover Artist – John Romita Jr.
Inker, Cover Artist – Scott Hanna
Colourist, Cover Artist – Marcio Menyz
Letterer – Joe Caramagna

Buy on Comixology – The Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Link)

The best couple in comics is done? You aren’t going to believe what is happening in this volume of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN.

I took a chance will issue 1 and felt strongly enough to add this to my Pull List. Wells and Romita Jr have kicked off a story that will lead into Spidey’s 60th Anniversary. There seems to be a lot at stake for our favourite web-slinger over the coming issues.


On the radar this week some other comics not on the Pull List but well worth checking out:

Saga #59

Saga #59

Image Comics

Writer – Brian K. Vaughan
Artist, Cover Artist – Fiona Staples

Buy on Comixology – Saga #59 (Link)

What the hell does this fish have to do with the people who want Hazel dead? Find out this May as the strangest epic in comics continues-somehow still only $2.99!

Captain Carter #3

Captain Carter #3

Marvel Comics

Writer, Cover Artist – Jamie McKelvie
Artist – Marika Cresta
Colourist – Matt Milla
Letterer – Clayton Cowles

Buy on Comixology – Captain Carter #3 (Link)

ENTER IRON MAN! Captain Carter has plenty on her hands already, wrestling with a betrayal from the very organization she thought she could trust. Is Tony Stark here to help? Or will he be just another complication at a time when Peggy’s life is full of them?


New From Markosia


Coming in June from Markosia are two exciting new releases from award winning writer and Markosia’s Editor-In Chief, Ian Sharman!

First up is the first part of a new urban fantasy adventure series written by Ian Sharman and beautifully illustrated by Melissa Hudson. Shadow Of The Dragon Star Part One introduces us to Eloise Jones, who is struggling to find acceptance at school. Adopted, mixed race, she doesn’t know who she is or where she fits in. Her world is turned upside down when she discovers a faerie in her garden shed, carrying the Dragon Star…a mysterious amulet which may just hold the key to the truth about who…and what…Eloise really is.

“I’ve wanted to work with Melissa for years, but we could never quite find the right project. Eventually we talked and decided that as I tend to write comics set in the present or near future and she tends to draw fantasy comics, we should meet in the middle and create an urban fantasy story. I wanted to craft a story that followed the classic hero’s journey arc and from there everything just fell into place.”

Writer, Ian Sharman

Not One But Two

Shadow Of The Dragon Star Part One will be released on June 8th and is available to pre-order now from all good bookshops and direct from markosia.com.

Secondly, we have the Hero: 9 to 5 Omnibus, which collects the complete super-hero satire co-created by Ian Sharman and David Gray. When he’s not drawing comics, David is better known as the drummer in death metal bands Akercocke, The Antichrist Imperium and Voices. In his spare time he’s been working with writer Ian Sharman on Hero: 9 to 5 for well over a decade now.

Working 9 to 5

Hero: 9 to 5 is set in a world where being a superhero is just another job.

A world where the rich can afford comprehensive hero protection policies that ensure that the best heroes will come to their aid in an emergency. The poor, however, have to make-do with protection from government sponsored agencies with limited resources whose staff are…shall we say…a little less heroic.

We’ve tracked the lives of the heroes that make up one of these government sponsored agencies, Heroes 4 Zeroes, through three books…so far. We’ve seen them through relationship troubles, trips to the supermarket, battles against an unfeeling killer, convention appearances, appearances on reality TV, a takeover of parliament and more! And now all of those adventures are available in one enormous book! Just look at how thick it is…feel that weight…impressive, eh?

“It really is the ultimate collection, I’m very proud of all our work together!”

Artist, David Gray

The Hero: 9 to 5 Omnibus collects all three Hero: 9 to 5 graphic novels in a single volume, plus the rare Night On The Streets story, previously only available in colour in a London Super Comic Con exclusive preview of Hero: 9 to 5: Quietus.

In his introduction to the second book, Hero: 9 to 5 – Quietus, Mike Carey (X-Men, Hellblazer) wrote, “The most astonishing thing about the series is its ability to take massive shifts in tone very much in its stride – to modulate from farce to tragedy and make both of those extremes fit and feel right in the narrative frame.”

Pre-order and Live

The Hero: 9 to 5 Omnibus will be released on June 3rd and is available to order now from all good bookshops and direct from markosia.com.

Additionally, Ian Sharman will be exhibiting in the Artist Alley at MCM Comic Con London from 27-29 May at the Excel in London’s Docklands and will have both books on sale at his table, along with his many other graphic novel releases.

Pre-order links for Shadow Of The Dragon Star Part One can be found here: Shadow Of The Dragon Star (Link)

Pre-order links for Hero: 9  to 5 Omnibus can be found here: Hero: 9 to 5 Omnibus (Link)

Check out markosia.com for more information on Markosia and all of our releases.

Every Judge Needs A Ride

The future’s greatest lawman needs a bike powerful enough to patrol the streets of the mega-city – and he’s got it with the forthcoming Judge Dredd figures from Hiya Toys…

Rebellion and Hiya Toys are proud to unveil the latest in the brand new range of 1:18 PVC action figures based on the world of Judge Dredd: the incredible Judge Dredd & Lawmaster MK II Set!

Due for release in October, this gorgeously crafted MK II Lawmaster bike comes with turning wheels and a turnable front section, while the headlights and computer screen can be illuminated. The set also includes a Judge Dredd poseable figure with 16 points of articulation.

On Your Bike

Originally designed by Carlos Ezquerra when he created Judge Dredd, the Lawmaster is the fearsome motorbike the Judges use to patrol the crime-ridden streets and mega-ways of Mega-City One. The MK II Lawmaster, designed by artist Mick McMahon and also known as a ‘Quasar’ model or ‘Q-Bike’, was a specialised model based on the existing street version of the Lawmaster but which came with twin side-mounted bike cannons and onboard A.I.. Debuting in the legendary epic storyline ‘The Cursed Earth’ where its formidable firepower helped Judge Dredd travel across a thousand miles of hell on Earth, it then returned for ‘The Hotdog Run’, drawn by Ron Smith, where Judges Dredd and Giant returned to the Cursed Earth with a party of Justice Department cadets on their final training assessment. So impressive was this new design that, on Dredd’s recommendation, it became standard equipment for the city’s Judges.

The Judge Dredd & Lawmaster MK II Set is the next in the brand new range of fully poseable 1:18 figures announced in November 2021, drawing on more than four decades of ground-breaking comic books set in the world of the classic character created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1977.

Your Local Comics Shops

Your local comic shops are now open and you can pop in for your geek fix. Listed below are some of the best shops across the county with links to check the very latest information including opening time and covid safety measures. Therefore, when visiting these shops please be patient and respectful to all the staff who are doing an incredible job.


Please check with stores for any changes to opening times and services.

Follow the stores social media pages for updates!

FORBIDDEN PLANET (VARIOUS) – includes Birmingham Megastore

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http://www.okcomics.co.uk/ and https://twitter.com/OKComics


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