What We Do in the Shadows – TV Preview

What We Do In The Shadows.

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It’s a comedy show…with bite.

One of my favourite films of recent years is about to return in small screen form. Made by the original creative team What We Do In The Shadows will begin here in the UK on Sunday May 19th at 9:45pm on BBC Two with a double bill.

What We Do In The Shadows the TV series is based on the feature film the same name from Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. “What We Do In The Shadows“  is a mockumentary show looking at the daily (or should that be nightly) lives of four vampires, who have lived together for hundreds of years in Staten Island. In the first episode they receive an unexpected visit from their Dark Lord and Leader. This visit reminds the vampires of what they were initially tasked to do upon their arrival in New York City over a century ago – the complete and utter domination of this new world. But this group of vampires just can’t quite figure out the best way of going about this.

Vampire Shopping


We watch their lives unfold as a vérité camera crew follows along while they try to figure out how to solve this decades old problem. If you’ve ever seen the original film, then this TV series will absolutely delight you. Yes, it feels exactly like the film. One of the best new additions to the story takes the form of the energy vampire. This is a vampire that sucks the energy from you by telling you boring stories and annoying you. Unlike other vampires these ones can walk about during the day, not just at night. Turns out these vampires are very common. If you work in an office there’s a good chance you’re going to know someone just like this.


The Actors

Taking over from Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi in the TV series is Kayvan Novak (best known over here for Fonejacker) as the vampire Nandor, Matt Berry (best known for being awesome in everything) as Laszlo and Natasia Demetriou as Nadia. Each one of these actors steps beautifully into the shoes of their predecessors and bring a wonderful, delightfully comedic air to the proceedings. Rounding out the cast we have Harvey Guillén as the American familiar Guillermo and Mark Proksch as Colin, the energy vampire. And see if you can spot the wonderful Doug Jones, who makes an appearance in the first episode of the show.



Supernatural Comedy

What We Do In The Shadows is one of those rare beasts of a film that translates well into a televisual medium and benefits from the slightly shorter episodic nature of television. Filled with vampiric puns and gravity defying slapstick each episode is laugh out loud funny. The only negative thing about the show is it will only run for 10 episodes in this first season. Luckily FX, who makes the show in the US, has already announced it has renewed the series for a second 10 episode season to air in 2020.

Supernatural comedy seems to have found its home on the BBC and joining it’s stablemate Ghosts, What We Do In The Shadows is set to delight fans old and new. Even if you haven’t seen the original film I highly recommend you check out this new series when it begins on BBC this Sunday.

Check out this trailer for a taste of what’s in store.

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