The GB Pull List – 2000AD Sci-Fi Special 24th June 2020


The Geeky Brummie Pull List with the 2000AD Sci-Fi Special.

I’ve no idea what comics will actually be on shelves today. With Covid-19 and shifting release schedules there seems to be no definitive list of what will be hitting stores. In this weeks pull list I’ve selected a few comics I’m interested in that I think will be out. But there is no need to worry even if there are no new books available, there are still plenty of great back issues and collections to pick up so grab one of those instead.

This week I’m also trying out a new section called Meanwhile… which will take a brief look at some comic related news stories.

Now on with the comics…


Title: 2000AD Sci-Fi Special

Issue: 1

Publisher: Rebellion

Written by Al Ewing, Dan Abnett, John Reppion & Ian Edginton: Art by Jake Lynch, Richard Elson, Clint Langley & Steve Yeowell : Cover by Jock
Genres : Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

From the Publisher:

Marking 20 years since the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic began life under games developer Rebellion, the 2000 AD Summer special is a 100-page celebration of the last two decades!Mixing brand new stories with classic cuts from the archives – this special features a cover from superstar artist Jock, and new tales from Al Ewing on Judge Dredd, Dan Abnett on Kingdom and Ian Edginton on The Red Seas, plus a delve into the archives featuring Nikolai Dante and Sinister Dexter, and features exploring Rebellion’s tenure as 2000 AD publisher! Don’t miss this birthday bonanza!

This special edition of 2000AD reminds me of summers past when you’d get extra progs to read during the holidays. This edition celebrates 20 years of 2000AD at Rebellion. You get four new strips celebrating the new and the old, with Rebellion-era characters pitted against someone (or something) from the pre-Rebellion era. These stories don’t relate to anything happening in the regular progs and sit proudly out of continuity. So, we get some amazing stories featuring  Judge Dredd vs ZomboKingdom vs ShakoStorm Warning vs Blackhawk, and The Red Seas vs Ant Wars. Plus there reprints of tales from DreddNikolai DanteSinister DexterTerror Tales, and Dreams of Deadworld – more than enough to fill those long summer days.


Title: Green Lantern 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics

Written by Cullen Bunn, Sina Grace, Geoff Johns, Ron Marz , Charlotte Fullerton McDuffie & More : Pencils by ChrisCross, Mirka Andolfo, Darryl Banks, Jamal Campbell , Gary Frank & More : Inks by Oclair Albert, Mirka Andolfo, Darryl Banks, Jamal Campbell, Gary Frank & More : Colored by Hi-Fi, Olyoptics, David Baron, Jordie Bellaire, Anderson Cabral & More : Cover by Liam Sharp & Dave Stewart
Genres : Superhero
From the Publisher:

DC celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Emerald Knight with this new collection of the best Green Lantern tales across the decades! This new edition celebrates the legacy of Green Lantern, from the debut of Alan Scott in 1940, to the character’s rebirth in 1959 as test pilot Hal Jordan-part of a vast Green Lantern Corps that serves justice across the galaxy-to John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, Jessica Cruz, and beyond. Included in this title are some of the greatest Green Lantern tales ever, featuring stories and art by comics’ top talents.

As a kid in the 70s I loved picking up random DC Comics from the newsagents. Covers that promise adventures and excitement. Some of my favourites were comics featuring The Green Lantern. Either Hal Jordan or Alan Scott. Their space faring adventures were a potent mix of sci-fi and drama, filled with monsters and menace. This issue celebrates 80 Years of the Emerald Knight and contains 10 stories from a selection of comic legends. As with previous Anniversary issues DC are releasing a series of decades variant covers – so be on the lookout for those – my personal favourite is Matt Taylor’s 50s version.



Title: Once & Future

Issue: 8

Publisher: BOOM! Studios

Written by Kieron Gillen : Pencils by Dan Mora : Colored by Tamra Bonvillain : Cover by Dan Mora
Genres : Action/Adventure/Fantasy

From the Publisher:

When a strange newcomer arrives at the dark court of Camelot, his presence disrupts The Otherworld. Sometimes winning the battle risks losing the war… as Duncan and Bridgette will soon find out.

If you’ve not picked up Once & Future yet you really should add it to your pull list today. As time goes by the series seems more and more relevant to the UK of today. This is a story which is beautifully told and I’m loving the heck out of it.


Legion on Trial

This week Legion of Super-Heroes writer Brian Michael Bendis announced the all-star line up of talent involved in the “The Trial of the Legion of Super-Heroes,” a story arc set to take place in Legion of Super-Heroes #8 and #9. Revealed via a poster on Twitter the spectacular line up of artists include Mike Allred, Andre Lima Araujo, Bilquis Evely, Sanford Greene, Cully Hammer, Dan Hipp, Joelle Jones, Dan Jurgens, Jeff Lemire, David Mack, Fabio Moon, Dustin Nguyen, Michael Avon Oeming, Yanick Paquette, Norm Rapmund, Darick Robertson, Duncan Rouleau, Evan Shaner, Liam Sharp, John Timms, Art Adams, Jim Cheung, Nick Derington, Michel Fiffe, Gary Frank, Jenny Frison, Wade von Grawbadger, Mitch Gerads, Mike Grell, James Harren, Klaus Jansen, Tul Lotay, Emanuela Lupacchino, David Marquez, Kevin Nowlan, Joe Prado, Joe Quinones, Ivan Reis, John Romita Jr., Riley Rossmo, Nicola Scott, Ryan Sook and Gene Luen Yang.

trial of LOSH

Cyberpunk Trauma

Also announced on Twitter this week was the comic collaboration between Video game developer, CD Projekt RED and publisher Dark Horse Comics. The upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077 will be receiving its own comic book series – Trauma Team – due for release in September.

cyberpunk trauma

Batman Returns?

Keaton Wayne

And finally this week it is rumoured that Michael Keaton is in talks to return to the DC universe as Batman. Apparently the Oscar-nominated actor, and best live-action Batman, is in the early stages of conversations with DC over reprising the role he last played in 1992’s Batman Returns. He would appear in The Flash solo movie, based on 2011 comic Flashpoint which sees The Flash travel back in time to save his mother. Currently The Flash movie is set to be directed by It director Andy Muschietti after Rick Famuyiwa left the project a few years ago.

Personally I’d rather see Keaton return as an older Bruce Wayne in a live-action adaptation of Batman Beyond but having him back in any capacity is okay with this Bat-Fan.


My Pulls

Comic shops are open but things will be quite different for a while yet. Until things settle down I’ll continue to keep this section as a list of comic stores around the UK you can support.

So let your local comic shop know you are here for them. Contact them to pre-order titles, new collections or back issues from them and arrange either to collect or have your comics mailed out to you.

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